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Why Omni-Channel Customer Service Is Important

The retail marketing landscape is fast changing. Success today is nothing more than being able to connect with Omni-channel shoppers – an irrefutable asset for the company. The digital era of today is marked by customers accessing retail portals using their desktops, laptops and smart devices. In response, brands too are ramping up their investments in Omni-channel retailing and ecommerce across the globe. No brand or business is exempt from the trend. From global chains like Wall Mart to local coffee shops, every business is trying hard to get across the vast clientele through online channels.


Leveraging the buyer’s interest in the website will convert to store sales. However, the traditional means of selling still had the advantage sellers personally pushing the products. This is where the modern day customer service arrangement puts itself in. omnichannel customer services add an experience that both allows the customer to communicate effectively with company representatives across touch points and allowing the brand on the other hand to get a real time feedback and instituting trust among its buyers.

The traditional means of communicating with the customer has been replaced by tools like live chats, social networks, online self-serve tools, SMS alerts and even wearable. According to a research done by Syncline,

  • 64% customers expect real time assistance after buying a product and regardless of the usual customer service channel
  • 37% customers find it more convenient to be able to talk with the same representative they have conversed with before
  • 87% of online shoppers across the globe think that brands on average need to work harder to provide a seamless customer service experience
  • 78% global shoppers even believe that a brand’s customer service reputation is an important decision making factor

Like any other omnichannel selling/marketing effort, customer service too is a challenging task for any brand. However, they also create the opportunity to provide an experience that can win you the battle. Here’s what businesses stand to gain from omnichannel customer service:

Service optimization: Lack of coordination can lead to several CSRs responding to the same customer query and with a different solution. An unanswered email on the other hand will let the customer resort to telephonic discussion wherein he/she would be required to brief the situation again. This is always an inconvenience for the customer. In the present marketing scenario especially, a customer doesn’t need to known on all doors for an answer but rather the answer should come to him/her. Integrated omnichannel customer service allows an easier resolution of the problem and helps in process optimization.

Personalization: Omnichannel customer services also support personalization, both in present context and future experiences. Mining voice logs and texts can act as a useful tool to come out with personalization of products. In the end, the customer always wants to feel special. Any hint that will make him/her feel that the brand cares will be enough to trigger a shopping action. This could be a birthday discount to an anniversary offer.

Depending upon the industry a business is in, the means of omnichannel communication can get easy or highly complicated. However, this is also not a thing that you have the option to choose. No matter what, omnichannel customer service is a dire requirement of every modern business.

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Mark Collins is a London based digital marketer. Currently he is working as a Marketing Manager at Syncline.

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