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How Web User Interfaces Can Be Made User-Friendly

You must have always thought about keeping your customers happy. The happier your visitors are, the more willing they will be to stay with you. So how do you intend to please the visitors when they come to your website? One of the best ways is to make the web user Interface friendly. But how can you make the web user interface important. This blog post will help your web designer understand the latest techniques for perfect user interface design.

Give more emphasis on key functions:

The earlier graphical applications had buttons that had the option of “YES” “NO” and “CANCEL” right next to one another. These buttons were sufficient enough for the users to take their decision. However, nowadays the technique needs to be much more sophisticated in order to help the visitors. Time is an important factor for the visitors so help them with their decision. Usually, it should be one action that you want the visitors to take and the other options are less desirable. Therefore, there should be a prominent button to take their decision quickly. However, cancelling any operation should be an option.

Demand for interface elements:

Do not frustrate your visitors with dozens of choices and clutter your web user interface. Each page of the website should be neat with less entries and. Most importantly, the home page should be clean with a few selections. Less option on the website will make it easy for the visitors to reach the entire website.

Time-out warning along with pop-up reset:

Generally, the websites with high security often require logging out the session if there is no activity for a prolonged period of time. Although it makes sense, however, what if the visitor is still there, busy researching or reading without clicking or typing? This can prove quite frustrating for the visitors for their session to be logged out frequently without allowing them to undo the log out. Therefore, to make it simple, web user interface pop-up should be included to prompt the visitors to click the OK button in order to keep the session alive.

The use of color-coded lists:

Various items such as files, tasks, latest messages all on the same home page makes it difficult to stay what is what. Therefore, the application should use color –coding to make the different entries visually distinguishable. Also it is important not to use a similar color for different task or different colors for the same task. The color scheme should discreetly specify the function each item serves.

Display the HELP messages that attract the eye:

Each web application has different ways to handle it. If the function of a particular element is not apparent to the users, provide them with help messages to make a start. One significant thing to remember is if you want to help those visitors who are not sure of what they want, the best thing is to attract their attention to these messages. One of the best ways to attract attention is with color.

You need to make your web user interface interesting by offering specialized control to the users.

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Sumita is a tech geek and a web analyst. She has also been associated with technical writing; blogging on iPhone app development, the mobile app development and social media engagement. Sumita has forayed into social media optimization as well.



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  3. santosh Kumar

    May 9, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    Thanks for posting the good blog. your some tips like don’t frustrate the visitors is very nice. website should always neat and clean. home page should attractive.

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