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How To Live Minimally/Productively With An Ultrabook

Minimalist Approach To Technology

Living minimally is often associated with other phrases like living cheaply or denying yourself some of the nicer things in life. This isn’t, in fact, a correct definition, and it is possible to be a minimalist but still have the tools you need to be comfortable and productive. Our reliance on modern technology has created an environment where it’s easy to clutter our lives with computers and mobile devices. Going minimalist means cutting out unnecessary hardware, clearing out superfluous data and applications, and staying focused on what you actually need.

The Ultrabook Option

A single, dedicated system that can do everything you need allow you to clear out the unnecessary and focus on building an environment that is conducive to productivity, creativity and enjoyment. An ultrabook has powerful hardware but consumes less power, a slim form factor but a usable keyboard and touchpad, an updated operating system but the ability to use legacy programs. It’s a simple device, but it opens up new possibilities for the minimalist.

In order to count as an ultrabook, the design must have a maximum thickness of less than 20mm, run on the Haswell microarchitectures, feature a battery life of at least five hours, and have a touchscreen interface. On the inside, these models usually average around 4GB of RAM and a 128GB solid state drive. Both of these numbers will depend on the exact model, of course, and many higher-end ultrabooks have more memory and storage capacity, but for the most common tasks, these specs are enough. To learn more about what an Ultrabook is visit

The Minimalist Experience

Minimal does not mean ineffective. Many people hear that an ultrabook has just 128GB in the hard drive and feel that can’t possibly be enough, especially compared to their traditional HDD. This is one of the things that helps encourage that minimalist experience, though.

The SSD allows manufacturers to cut down on a lot of the unnecessary hardware and keep the thing, sleek form factor. This is also a great opportunity to start cutting down on the digital assets that you really don’t need in your life. Too many HD movies sitting on your hard drive and eating up gigs of space? Get rid of them. Songs you haven’t listened to in years? Don’t bother transferring them over. When you limit your hard drive space (but increase the access speed), you can clear out useless things just like you would your home.

Ultrabooks are designed to provide near-instant start-up and shut-downs, a lot of versatility, and feature a tiny physical footprint. Once you start cutting out the unnecessary things in your digital life, you may be surprised how much you don’t actually need.

Being minimalist doesn’t mean putting up with second-rate products – it means buying fewer items and products that will last a long time. Ultrabooks, particularly convertible/hybrid models, can take the place of a laptop, tablet, desktop, and other mobile devices. It’s a simple way to reduce clutter and remain productive.

Reduction Strategy

Being a productive minimalist means you have to do more than just reorganize the things you have. Take the opportunity to eliminate the things you simply don’t need, whether it’s physical hardware or unused applications. New, quality technology like an ultrabook will let you run all the necessary programs while taking less room and consuming less power. It may be hard to let some of it go, but once it’s gone you’ll be surprised how efficiently you can be.

Do you use tech to simplify your life? Share in the comments.

is enthusiastic about start-ups along with consumer and small business technology.  Working for Dell he strives to stay up on the technology that can help both consumers and businesses. In his spare time he can’t resist taking apart his latest gadget and forgetting how to put it back together.

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Bruno Galera works for Dell and has a passion for technology. When he's not reading about the latest industry trends, you can find him cooking, reading, cheering on his favorite football team or at a museum enjoying contemporary art and photography.

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