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How 3D Printing Can Affect Your Business In 5 Ways

A 3D model of a complex anaplastology case, created in collaboration with the anaplastologist Cubber, is seen at Materialise in Leuven

Era of 3D Printing

With recent displays of 3D printing around the world, I was amazed by the 3D technology used in designing various structures. This technology was not invented recently, it was introduced in 1981. Why do you think this technology became so successful in the recent years? Though it was invented many years earlier, we did not have the technology so advanced that could create something that current 3D printer could create. Now we can afford industry level designed machines at very affordable price with this 3D printing technology.

You have to consider the speed involved while printing 3D models. There is a speed issue with the present 3D printers which have to be increased in the coming years. In order to get quality, you have to compromise on speed. But in the mean time you could always try the available 3D printers in the market. Technology keeps getting more creative with time and I suggest you to get creative with these amazing inventions.

Creating 3D Models

In industry level offices, people use many models to display their designs and demonstrate them. 3D printing uses the principle of additive layering. Whereas industry level manufacturing involves subtracting layering process where you remove and insert metal or plastic to design a model. With additive layering, each layer is placed on one another making it so precise that you can’t find any fault with the design.

The printers are very accurate in their design that each layer is very distinct. Also these 3D printers are capable of designing models with parts that can move. You can actually design action figures, toys and complex designs. What more do you need?!

Professional 3D Printing

With this technology developing, many companies will rise to manufacture 3D models on a large scale. These companies will produce models at high volumes with all the resources and equipment available. So consumers like us need not have to go for professional 3D printers. There are many build-yourself 3D printers that you could experiment on. Currently in the UK, you can try Velleman K8200 3D printer. The size of this printer is smaller than your normal inkjet printer and a bit expensive.

Fixing Parts

With an increase in consumers who use 3D printers, it may be possible to design your own spare parts or worn out parts within minutes off your 3D printer. No more waiting, ordering or even paying more money. You can also design phone cases, toys, tools, game pieces and most of the designs you can think of.

Producing in Mass

Many high profile industries such as aviation and computing industries have shown a great interest in this technology. They could use the advantage of creating intricate designs by using these printers that otherwise could not be possible. We know that cost decreases with developing technology. So it won’t be a surprise if such industries switch to 3D technology for mass production.

It will be a long way down the line to create high strength models compared to the material which is currently used in 3D printers.

There is also a danger side of this technology. People in certain countries have access to the blueprints of guns which they can use it to print guns! The govt has issued many regulations and prevented such practices.

Keeping aside the dangers of 3D printing, production in mass will be a very huge development in the industry revolution’s history.

There are also companies who print and deliver 3D models for you. The companies that currently provide this service in the UK are 3dprint-uk and 3dcreationlab. More and more companies are aiming for 3D technology and in the coming years you could have numerous 3D printing companies.

Decline in Manufacturing Process

Although you can’t experience the difference with the introduction of 3D printers, there is a possibility that 3D printing technology may be a threat to many manufacturing industries. Every home in the future may own a 3D printer for their personal use. With this many industries may lose customers by not using their products that can be obtained using a 3D printer. Many industries may even incorporate this technology in their business and make all the other machinery obsolete.

Anything can happen in the future by the use of this technology. But a lot of credit should be given to the inventors of 3D printing technology. They have given us an invaluable technology that will appreciated by us for a long time.

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Andy Harrison is a writer for UK toner cartridges which is an online printer ink and office supplies E-retailer. Andy handles social media of the company’s website and is in charge of new product launches such as printer cartridges and bringing them to the marketplace. He has been in business blogging and Journalism writing for the past 8 years, working with various organisations.



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