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Online Gaming on Your Laptop or Tablet

online gaming

If you’re a fan of video games, there are two main options available to you: tablets and laptops. Each of these has distinct advantages when it comes to online gaming, and thus they cater to a different type of individual. This means that you’ll have to choose wisely, looking at your style of gaming and which item you’ll be happier with when it comes to web-based entertainment. This guide will go over a few of the benefits of each so that you can make a better buying decision.

Laptop Computers

Since it’s been around for almost a decade now, the laptop has advanced in plenty of ways. Now coming with widescreen, HD monitors and in-built graphics cards, this is the machine for the serious gamer. They have the power, capacity and ability to play the latest games provided that you choose a personal computer with the highest specifications. These devices will pull you into realistic virtual worlds full of excitement and adventure. They are often regarded as the pinnacle of gaming technology and, in a world where the computer is advancing so rapidly, this is an impressive claim to fame.

Another bonus for the laptop is that the games are so versatile. With the keyboard & mouse interface, you can move about freely in the 3D virtual world, doing whatever the game’s objectives tell you to. This means that there is plenty of selection on the modern gaming laptop from first-person shooters to third-person action-adventures. You also have access to over a decade of past games, as all PC titles are backwards compatible. This means that you can play a game from 2013 or 1993 on the machine you’ve purchased.

The personal computer is one of the most popular gaming devices around these days and for good reason, whether you prefer ASUS laptops or some other brand. Its versatility and lengthy history have combined to create a platform that works well for almost any kind of gamer, whether you’re just looking for something to play on the weekends or you need a machine that’ll transport you to other worlds on a daily basis.

Tablet Computers

The newest entrant on the market is the tablet computer. These portable, touchscreen gadgets also come with their own variety of online games, allowing you to easily connect with other players over the net. They pride themselves on their simplicity, boasting an array of titles that basically anyone can pick up and play. If you’re confused about how to properly use a keyboard and mouse to beat your favourite games, the tablet computer is for you. With games entirely controlled by tapping or swiping your fingers across the touchscreen, these devices are made for those who want to be entertained without experiencing a steep learning curve.

Tablets also offer a different type of game than the personal computer does. For instance, the titles made for laptops are generally immersive, requiring solid chunks of game time to be fully rewarding. In comparison, the tablet computer offers games that can simply be picked up and played for a few minutes at a time. If you have a busy schedule, you need not struggle to find time to play that new title you’ve just purchased. Whether you’re on break from work or you’re on the bus home, you can whip out your tablet and have an enjoyable gaming experience no matter where you are. Thus, you can see that this gadget is aimed a much different type of gamer than the laptop computer is. In either case though, the right buying choice will be highly rewarding no matter what sort of games you prefer.

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Annabelle Fawsitt is a writer for Save On Laptops, a premier provider of Acer, Lenovo, HP, and Asus laptops in the UK. They also have a selection of tablets from various manufacturers.



  1. Rohit

    July 18, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    played a lot of games in my laptop since i was kid, now its time to rock on with my latest tablet..
    nice article.. 🙂

  2. Matt

    July 26, 2013 at 3:30 pm

    For me, playing games on both laptop and tablet are great. They’re different because there are some games you can’t play on the tablet, at least not yet. But depending on what you have on hand at the moment that’s usually the one I play with.

    For convenience it has to be the tablet since you can carry it around everywhere. You only carry around a laptop when you’re working or doing something with it otherwise it’s in the office or at home.

    • Annabelle Fawsitt

      July 29, 2013 at 11:55 am

      Hi, Matt! Thanks for reading my post. Yeah, I have to agree that tablets can be more convenient as they are lighter and smaller but laptops have better processing power so it really is up to the gamer which they prefer.

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    February 28, 2014 at 9:43 am

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    March 14, 2014 at 6:35 am

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