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Groove-E In-Car Holder with Wireless Charging & Auto Grip Review

The Groov-e wireless car mount is uniquely designed to be one of the fastest mountable wireless car chargers in the market. Its set up is such that it can successfully eliminate the danger of your phone falling off from its grip when you are out for a drive. Speaking of grip, it presents less of a challenge to drivers because it can rotate up to 360 degrees. you don’t even have to disconnect to receive calls due to the optimal 360 degrees feature that makes taking hands-free calls easy. Not to mention that you can take these from whatever dimension convenient for you.


A more commonly used functionality for most drivers is navigation. In this regard, with Groove-e-in-car mount, you can always place your phone on the gadget to let it talk you through navigation without any worry of running out of power as your phone’s battery could charge at the same time – a notable feature that we thoroughly enjoyed in our test.

In addition, the lock and release mechanism in the car mount can be said to be superb in that both actions could be done with optimum ease. In terms of compatibility, it works with all types of phones regardless of size since it can detect the size of your device and adjust to suit it.

Unlike most wireless chargers and holders, it eases your effort to operate the phone single-handedly because it carries all the phone’s weight irrespective of where it mounted. As a result, you can mount it on your vehicle’s air ventilator or even winder depending on your personal needs. Besides, it does not damage your phone; and, in any case, you can avoid the stress of looking for the device and/or phone every time it slips from your hand while driving thereby protecting the phone from breakage.


Needless say that the wireless car mount has a sustainable suction grip you can rely on for hours on end. Therefore, despite how many sharp turns the road has, rough or smooth irrespective of how fast you might decide to drive, your phone should be safe all the way. Better still, the charging system equals your home chargers speed thus maintaining your phone’s charging system and its efficiency at all times.

Furthermore, the wireless car mount charger has multiple charging ports that can come in handy for family trips or any road trips. This is so it can charge more than one phone at the same time. With easy access to all its ports as well, you can record yourself from inside the car, tilting it to any dimension of your desire. However, we do not recommend that you record videos of yourself while driving for obvious legal & safety reasons.

Attractive Features

  • Wireless Car Mount Charging technology of up to 10w
  • Super-efficient suction cup
  • Automatic grip system to guarantee the safety of your device
  • It’s a type-C USB Powered device
  • Freedom to clip anywhere including windows
  • Air vent clip that makes it possible to mount on your vehicle’s air ventilators
  • 360 degrees rotation for convenience and optimum access
  • Handles phones of all sizes and the thickness of their casings due to its ability to expand grip


  • It is only available in black


For those of you who never manage to keep your phone charged always, this could be the solution you need because you can still charge your phone on the way to work.

Also, there is the logistical nightmare of having multiple cell phones and having to carry many chargers with you at all times which comes with the risk of forgetting.

The wireless auto grip car mount addresses this issue by automatically sensing the phone’s mode of charging and adapting accordingly. Therefore, you can easily manage to keep all your phones charged using only a single device. Not to mention that you can do this all at the same time.

Your life is also made easier by the fact that you don’t have to miss important updates in your life. Instead, you can always listen to voicemail messages during your drive, when it’s safe to do so and be there for your family at all times. This is especially useful if your job involves travelling a lot due to the gadget’s hands-free calls capability.

Finally, the fact that your device is hugged very tightly at all times while you are using it in the car reduces the risk of dropping it accidentally. Therefore, you can enjoy your drive free from the worry of damaging your phone while on the road.

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