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From Antenna To Wireless Receptors: Phone Technology Is Not Near Settling Down

The world before phone communication seems unimaginable. Starting from the morning, through rush hour and into bedtime, mobile phones circle daily around our lives like our own shadow.

‘No cars invented’ sounds old-school, ‘no internet’ seems outdated, but our planet with ‘no mobile phones’ is almost inconceivable! When Graham made that first ever long distance telephone call in 1876- is like a fairy tale for us with a very happy ending. But it was not until the 1920s that telephones were made a public service. Telephone communication started off in the form of large black devices with bulky antennas and is today all about palm-sized mobile phones.

phone technology

Mobile technology differs from the telephone in their ability to provide wireless communication. This becomes essential in the present scenario since laying an underground network of wires and landlines is more work intensive than planning out and fixing a few reception towers for mobile signaling. The terrestrial circuit developed for telephonic contact though stands as the more reliable one at all times, the adaptability of mobile phone towers has made the latter one a much popular choice among users as well as developers. In simpler words, mobile phones are now more popular among laymen than telephones since the former offers versatility, flexibility as well as appeal.

But with all the extol for cell phones, a little condemnation is in store too. The contrast is as simple- mobile phones make communication so easy and convenient that it becomes a bit too easy and convenient! Exploitation finds its way through and has by now settled well in our society. Fraud and deceit uses it as a common tool to lure innocent people into harm’s way. Then there is that faction of people who find mobile romance pleasurable and end up destroying their as well as their target’s lives. Parents find it harder to keep track of their children’s activities when that one small gadget controls their lives. A little too much love on birthdays, a bit of excess of admiration on achievements, and underage children bestowed with mobile phones by parents who are seemingly unaware of the hazards that tag along.

Furthermore, the advent of mobile phones have led to the emergence of other major departments such as the broadband technology, internet services for mobile phones and likewise many more. All update and renew with advancements in mobile phone technology. This means a great fraction of technology market is gradually linking itself to mobile phones. More and more tech departments affiliate and develop to offer their services to the public through mobile phone system with the preconception that its climb will lead to their rise and thus seem like a safe area to invest with.

Mobile technology has a lot of pressure from both positive and negative sides. Keeping in mind the aforementioned side effects of mobile usage, one may start to consider other inventions that have followed it. One of the major innovations that have revolutionized handling the dark side of mobiles is the blackberry spy software. It allows people who are tired of the increasing mobile phone dependence to keep an upper hand on the use of this wonderful gadget.

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Alexjhon is technical write at Mobiesoion cell phone software is a perfect source to monitor all phone programs like call, sms, contacts,exact phone track location to make android phone use easy.



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  2. myles

    August 26, 2013 at 2:41 pm

    A very informative post there . thanks 🙂

  3. Stephan

    August 26, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    Hi Alex.
    I can’t not more agree with you.
    Nowadays, cellphone technology is on its splendid time.
    Thanks for your valuable information.

    Stephan Wu

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