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Does the Best Hard Rifle Case Offer Better Protection than Soft Gun Cases?

The best hard rifle cases weren’t just made for gun enthusiasts or for show and tell. This 1-minute read will help resolve this debate once and for all.

The best hard rifle cases weren’t just made for gun enthusiasts or for show and tell.

If you’re stuck between buying a hard rifle case for proper storage or a soft rifle case for easy portability, you aren’t alone. This dilemma isn’t a real head-scratcher because most consumers prefer the soft, duffel bag-like material, especially for tiring hunting trips.

However, if you throw the benefits of hard rifle cases into the mix, you’re going to want to think twice. Of course, you’ll have to read what most gun experts have to say to help guide your decision.

What Are Soft Rifle Cases?

Soft rifle cases are made from durable fabrics, and their flexible materials are backed-up with soft padding inside to keep rifles from unnecessary damages.

What Are Hard Rifle Cases?

Usually, hard rifle cases are constructed with industrial-grade strength and durability. These outer shells stand between the protective foam lining inside to keep your beloved rifle safe and secure at all times.

With their individual technical definitions sorted out, let’s put them to the test in terms of what each rifle case is meant to deliver to you:

The Best Hard Rifle Cases and Tactical Advantage

The Pelican 1750 is a good example of a holistic rifle case and they do exactly what they’re intended to do: protect your firearm. You see, without superior protection, you’re just wasting your hard-earned money for God knows what.

Whenever gunnies have had to fly or travel long distances for hunting excursions, hard rifle cases offered additional security with extra locks. Naturally, you don’t want anyone snooping around your equipment, or at least, your rifle case.

In addition, the customizable internal foam inside the Pelican 1750, allows you to exchange the inner layers with a new one whenever you update your rifle, equipment or ammo.

With only 2 benefits considered, you not only have a promise of secure firearms but also a highly versatile addition to your gun collection!

Soft Rifle Cases and the Lightweight Advantage

Traditionally, these cases were pretty popular among travelling gunnies because of one obvious advantage: you don’t have to worry about carrying additional weight…

…but that’s about it.

You see, many teenagers and beginners prefer these ‘duffel bags’ because they either don’t want the extra workout, are on a budget or don’t want to hit the doorway everywhere they go.

In other words, they would rather risk the safety of their gun than carry something sturdy and durable.

Is Safety Your Top Priority?

If so, then you should know that the best hard rifle cases in the industry are always accepted by gun transport laws. Granted, these laws vary from state to state, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

If your excuse falls along the lines of, “I’m only buying a rifle case for a seasonal trip’, we’d recommend looking up the laws and requirements of where you’re traveling to. More often than not gun transport laws allow soft gun cases, however, they are usually frowned upon.

The best hard rifle cases, on the other hand, signify that you know exactly what you’re doing.

The Moment of Truth

Granted, which rifle case you choose should depend on your personal preferences and what your game plan is like. The best hard rifle cases offer unrivaled protection and it wouldn’t matter whether you’re flying, driving or hitchhiking to your next destination.

On the flip side, soft rifle cases may only be suitable for short excursions, or perhaps the shooting range.

So what’s it going to be? Would you trade protection for personal preference? Or would you buy the best hard rifle case to stay worry-free throughout your excursion?

Choose well.

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