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Demystifying Hosted Exchange Myths

Hosted-ExchangeTo maintain an email server requires full time attention, including creating backups, blocking viruses, filtering spam and server maintenance. With a hosted exchange, IT time can be freed up by having each of these tasks handled by an email host. Nonetheless, this has elicited a number of myths surrounding a hosted exchange.

Hosted exchange only works best for big companies

As a result of the cost involved in managing exchange server, a third party email platform is great news for a small business. Big companies can also make the most of such an Exchange, but the IT administrators of small companies have other things to do to keep the business afloat. By giving the host the chance to look after the email servers, the IT personnel are freed up to engage in other busy duties, allowing them to focus on a lot of internal issues rather than being involved in server maintenance.

Hosted exchange hard to access remotely

Hosted exchange makes it very easy and effective to access email through remote users. A remote user accesses the mail through Outlook tools or the web. In case a user does not have a portable computer, an exchange makes it possible for any business to pass the emails and other messages through tablets, iOS and Android gadgets including other mobile devices. The user is able to receive email, manage tasks, access company contacts and create appointments from just any part of the world.

Service is unaffordable

In fact, having an in-house exchange server platform is very costly as compared to third-party hosting. A robust server system for an exchange will consume thousands of dollars to create including the required time for equipment installation, software and serve hardware. The system also takes a couple of weeks or months for it to be completed. Through hosted exchange, the only thing a business needs to do is find an email service and sign up and part with a fixed fee paid monthly. There is no need to use thousands of dollars to install an email server and use lots of resources to manage it.

Setting up and managing is cumbersome

To set up and manage your own hosting email servers inside a business is very cumbersome, as compared to a hosted exchange server that is so easy to use and take care of. The administrator in an in-house exchange needs to know the interface and exchange settings if proper maintenance is to be done, provide email protection and security, set up the remote systems and add the needed user mailbox. Hosted exchange accounts on the other hand have the host providing administrators through a user friendly dashboard for user accounts to be added and allowable storage also managed. Compared to technical software, a dashboard is the easiest to use and it comes with an exchange server.

Hosted exchange servers could lead to safety issues

External email hosting providers understand everything about security with professional teams backing up the platform’s security systems. There are multiple layers creating a channel between the exchange server and a legitimate user who has been authorized. The exchange server is thus only accessed by an authorized IT Consultant and any security threat is easily dealt with by the support team working around the clock to monitor the entire system.

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