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The Unstoppable Rise of the Mobile Device

Look up and down any normal American street. You might notice a lot of variety amongst the people you see, but there is something interesting that you’€™ll find, as well. The businessman walking down the sidewalk, middle aged woman sitting on a bench waiting for a bus to arrive, and the teenager driving his father’€™s Audi without permission all have at least one thing in common: they are all using a mobile device.

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The rise of the mobile device has been a fascinating one to watch. A couple of decades ago, few people were using cell phones, and pagers were still some of the most common electronic devices in the country. In today’€™s technologically encompassed world, cell phones are not only a luxury, but a necessity, and pagers have been replaced with tablets. Since mobile technology first became mainstream, the evolution of these electronics has been fascinating.

The technological boom that this country has seen has been nothing short of incredible. Well over half of Americans own a smartphone, and 91% of Americans own a cell phone, either smart or otherwise. Ownership numbers aren’€™t the only staggering statistics that we see when it comes to our technology. Three fourths of the people who own tablets use them on a daily basis. With over 1.25 million different applications and programs available for their owners to use, it’€™s no wonder why people love using their devices.

Portable electronics haven’€™t only been a huge hit for the public’s home and personal lives, but they’ve been a very important part of the business world too – 92% of fortune 500 companies are using tablets as part of their infrastructure, and 66% of companies plan on the ‘BYOD’€ (Bring Your Own Device) phenom to continue to grow throughout the country. Companies can invest in this technology for their employees, and they’€™ll notice a difference in the productivity and efficiency of their job performance.

Since almost all of America is owning some type of handheld device, it’s changed how the country uses and thinks about computers. Searching for content on the internet for personal or business content has never been easier. With 4G signals and wireless hotspots available on many of these devices, you can search the world wide web for whatever you need, whenever you need it. Therefore, web designers have had to change the way that they build their pages to make websites more accessible for those who surf the web on their mobile device.

The convenience of being able to search the internet from the palm of your hand is unmatched. There is, however, a price for that convenience. Being able to search the internet with your mobile device put your device and your personal information at risk.

On many of your personal electronics, you’re asked or forced to put in your personal information. Names, addresses, phone numbers, contacts, usernames and passwords, etc. are all put into these devices. If you’re surfing an internet that is full of viruses, you’€™re not only putting your device in danger of internal threats, but your personal, private information could be put in jeopardy. Big data security should be a major concern for anyone who has invested their time and money in personal electronics.

The convenience and entertainment of these small electronics is unparalleled in our world, which is why they have become so common. There are so many uses for them which make them possible to use for the businessman, a middle aged woman, and the foolish teenager who texts while he drives. The mobile device has been on an impressive rise over the last two decades, and it will continue to do so in the future.

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About the Author: Rick Delgado is a freelance writer and self-proclaimed nerd who is an expert in technology and software development. He enjoys keeping up with the latest tech innovations and writing about them.

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