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Energy Efficiency Smartphone Apps

energy apps

Smartphone has become part of our life, we do everything with it. It doesn’t matter if it is social, fun, work, paying bills or watching movie. That explains the amount of applications for smartphones on the market. You can find absolutely everything. But, today we will talk about one very useful category of smartphones applications: Energy efficient applications for smartphones. They can be for your home, your vehicle or even for your smartphone. One thing is common between them, it will save energy, in one way or another. So, let me introduce you to 5 of the most energy efficient smartphone applications:

Wiser EMS

This application is free on iTunes and it is very useful to reduce the energy spent during the day. It is very simple application which is great for the entire family. If you don’t understand what is are your wrong habits, why are you spending that much energy, this application can help you. It is great application because it uses infographic to demonstrate you where you are spending too much and where you can save the most.

CodeGreen Energy

This application is great if you are trying to find a place to live. The thing that makes this application different from that above is that this application uses energy efficiency of buildings around you. You can see now why it is a great application if you are trying to find a new home? All you need to do is to enter the address you want to know and everything is available.


Since energy efficiency isn’t all about home and paying bills, we have listed one different application. This application is for drives and gas stations. This application can show you-  where is the nearest gas station with the cheapest gas-  prices in your are. So, this great application is free on iTunes and it can help you save the gas money.

Iamgreen – Battery Saver

We are all about saving energy and we have applications for home, for vehicles and now we have application for smartphones. There are so many unnecessary thing that eats out your smartphone’s battery like to bright light or unneeded Wi-Fi and this application will help you get rid of all this stuff. Your smartphone will be like it was the day you have bought it. This application has many ways to save your smartphone’s battery and they are great.

My CO2 Calculator

We all know that CO2 is harmful to the environment, but you don’t ask yourself: ”How big my CO2 footprint is?” If you did ever asked that yourself, we have the solution. My CO2 Calculator can show you how many CO2 do you release in the environment with your everyday tasks. So, what you need to do? Only write down your basic activities and the application will calculate your footprint size. If you want to change the way you live, this application has many useful tips that can help you improve your CO2 footprint.

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My name is Ed and I am civil engineer from Croatia and I love new stuff about technology and energy efficiency. If you want to read more about energy efficiency, visit my blog here.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. donald quixote

    February 12, 2014 at 12:44 am

    I read something so interesting lately and I think that it absolutely applies. As we are shifting towards more and more solar energy, we need to think about our things that are wasting lots of energy and try to cut down on them. This is a great way to cut down on our unnecessary energy. I think i’m going to download the the energy saver app to try to get my phone to last a little longer too!

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