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Personal Branding Trends of 2014

Throughout the year, what’s going to happen the next year in personal trends is analyzed. This further helps in predicting next year’€™s trends. It is predicted that this year will be one of personal branding evolution-€”not revolution.


Here’s the list of trends that will have the most impact on you.

Social Access At Work-€”Before Restricted-now Required

Many companies have banned the use of social media at work. According to a study conducted in September 2013, one in five US employees was not allowed to access Facebook, one in six was not allowed to access Twitter, and one in ten was not allowed to access LinkedIn. Other sites like YouTube are also banned at many companies. Because of all these bans, it has become almost impossible to work as a marketer in such companies. Over the past year, it has been observed that numerous companies have loosened their restrictions and the trend will accelerate in 2014-€”for two important reasons:

Companies have realized that they can block social media sites from corporate infrastructure, but they cannot stop their employees from logging into Facebook, tweeting, and updating their LinkedIn statuses from their mobile phones.

They have understood that employees need social media at the office because every employee is now a brand ambassador.

Social Savvy-€”From Optional to Necessity

If you lack social media skills, your brand will fade. Social media has now become the most powerful tool in your competitors’ suite of marketing tactics. Many employees, regardless of their generation or role, are now expected to contribute in their company’€™s social branding efforts. As a marketer, social media savvy has become very important for you.

Digital Done Right:

Before it was said “Be real before being virtual”, but now this phrase has totally reversed. Online identity has become an authentic trait and it needs to go live as soon as possible. For audience, digital precedes real. As a society, we often search for a digital profile of people before meeting them and research brands online. We also check out our colleagues before heading towards the conference room. We sometimes search candidates when deciding to interview them.

Videos Become Mainstream:

Until now, many video-related branding activities were restricted to studio shoots. Just like our comfort level with social media has risen, so our comfort level with videos will also rise. When many people will work remotely, so video will become a more important for workplace interactions, and will allow you to be a part of it, no matter wherever you actually are. Before video-conferencing from home, you should always dress up, if you are recording a pitch, take time for rehearsing so that your voice seems carefree because a video that screams amateur will always leave a negative impact on your brand.

Mobiles Optimized:

The advancement of mobile apps has made it easy for us to build your brand. In the coming year, people will be spending more of our brand-building time on our mobile apps rather than spending time on outdated browsers on a desktop computer. In fact, many people don’t even have a conventional desk anymore. These apps have amazing characteristics like iPhone spy trend has enabled people to track, locate and monitor activities via online control panels.

Here is a list of user-friendly apps available today:

  • LinkedIn Contacts helps you in bringing together your contacts that are spread across email accounts, address books, and calendar apps.
  • Lunchmeet provides you a way to find geographically desirable contacts to expand your network over lunch.
  • UStream Live Broadcaster allows you to broadcast yourself in real-time.

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Kathrine Switzer is a writer with a passion for all things technology and media. She has been in technology writing for 6+ years, writing on internet safety tips, cyber bullying, and surveillance technology specially iPhone spy software for smartphones. When she'€™s not writing, you can find her hitting the trail as an avid runner and general sports enthusiast. You may connect with her on Google+.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Gautam

    February 4, 2014 at 9:12 am

    Mobile optimised site can do wonders and I have started feeling it and I just want to say All of the bloggers or IM out there go for Mobile Optimised and apps soon.

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