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Corporate Training Videos

Training videos provide applicable knowledge. They elaborate on how to accomplish a certain task or elaborate on an organization’s policy for new employees.

Why Create Training Videos?

Here is why videos trump other methods of employee training:

Video Is More Compelling

The video combines sound and picture, which involves more of our senses compared to something like text – which is considerably less engaging. Even a short training video can make a course a lot more vivid and more engaging.

Videos Improve Knowledge Retention

A study conducted confirmed that visual learning materials increase knowledge retention by about 65%. You can confirm that it is easier to remember a video you watched two weeks ago than a text you read just last week.

Videos Can Reduce Training Costs

Videos can be recorded and this helps in reducing training costs. How you ask do you ask?

It is possible to replicate training videos for internal use with the recorded video. Imagine having to do the same training over and over every time you hire someone new. Corporate training videos eliminate this. You could just have the new employee or employees for that matter watch the recorded video.

This comes in handy especially, for large companies that have geographically dispersed teams, which makes physical training virtually impossible. Corporate training videos will help these companies reduce repetitive instructor fees and other miscellaneous fees like venue, travel, and accommodation for physical training.

Videos Can Be Accessed Anytime and Anywhere

Videos are just that much more accessible on mobile devices. Wherever your employees may be, they can easily access the videos from their smartphones.

What Corporate Training Videos Can Do for You

Educate Your Employees on the Guidelines and Policies of Your Workplace

Your employees are the beating heart of your organization. They are the representation of your company to the customers – your employees are your company. Training will help ensure that they all understand how everything they do fits into the organization’s structure, goals, and principles.

Employees who understand this will be motivated about their work and will be excited to work for and towards something. Motivated and passionate employees mean growth and stability for your company.

A corporate training video will help you effectively relay this information to your employees and make them understand just how important they are to your organization.

A Guide to the Workplace

Think about the first time you started working in your current workplace. Remember how clueless you were about daily routines, emergency policies, safety procedures, and everything about that organization?

I bet you wish you had a corporate training video to guide you through everything – if you didn’t go through orientation of course.

A corporate training video will educate your employees on everything about your organization. The knowledge that they have learned everything they need to learn will put your mind at ease.

Corporate Training Video Creation Done Right

The general idea behind any training video is to package the information in a way that whoever is watching the video can immediately focus on the content without distraction. Poor corporate training video creation can and will distract the learners from the content.

Let me let you in on what makes a good corporate training video:

Change Shots Often

This is an old TV trick that you have probably seen many times and can incorporate into your videos through techniques like a live portrait. The trick with regular shot changes is tricking viewers into thinking they are missing something. It keeps the viewers engaged.

Frame Every Shot Deliberately

Videography 101 demands every shot has a purpose. All shots and camera angles are deliberate to ensure they are anchored in the objective of the video.

Deploy Additional Message Elements

On top of standard techniques like video facial reenactment, incorporate some more message elements to the footage. Consider including text, graphics, and where appropriate, elements like music and special effects.

Video facial reenactment is a technique that replaces a face in a video sequence all the while preserving the gestures and facial expressions of the original actor as much as possible.

Shots Should Have Motion

Actions keep eyeballs and learners attentive. If you need to show a building, don’t just plain show the building. Show people walking in and out of the building.

Use Effects Carefully

If used appropriately, special effects go a long way in conveying the message and reinforcing learning, for example through the use of a live portrait. For example, a black and white effect could be used to depict a flashback.

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