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Super-App: An Optimized Marketplace For Entrepreneurs

As per Statista, people have downloaded mobile apps 230 billion times in 2022. It denotes the immense demand for the latest solutions launched in the market.

The demand for apps making deliveries of services among the people has sky-rocketed in the past few years. The reason behind it is the prolonged working durations that don’t allow them to spare some time for visiting the stores offline. So, gradually, the preferences for online solutions increased with time.

As per Statista, people have downloaded mobile apps 230 billion times in 2022. It denotes the immense demand for the latest solutions launched in the market. Out of which one of them are multi-service solutions which have generated a huge hype among the people. Here in this post, you will gain some information about super apps, their well-known examples in detail, and who can help you in getting them developed.

Although there are many multi-service platforms launched across different countries and have covered quite a long distance in the market. They are Paytm, Careem, Snapp, Gojek, and many others in various locations worldwide. 

To develop these apps React Native technology plays a major role these days and if you are thinking to develop super apps then you can hire React Native programmers.

These apps earned colossal fame in the market and have gained massive sales in their business. Hence, it motivated the entrepreneurs to create multi-service applications, but what are super apps? Let’s know them in detail. 

What are Super Apps?

Super Apps are multi-service platforms that help entrepreneurs to provide various services from a single spot. It is because they aggregate different business sectors of the market. As a result, the users receive a one-stop marketplace from which they can access any service from the variety offered to them.

Alongside, the vendors are facilitated in many ways as they can manage various business verticals like analyzing employee and enterprise earnings and generating reports of them, examining the sales, managing users, and many other components of their venture. Also, their business becomes capable enough to handle any industry without any issues.

Not only entrepreneurs but users are benefitted too as they need to install a single application on their devices for fulfilling different purposes efficiently from one spot and can optimize the storage of their phones. That’s one of the key points lying behind the rise of every multi-service application introduced to the market.

Consider the following examples of multi-service apps launched across various geographic locations.

Top Super App’s Examples

Here is a list of some giant players in the global multi-service market. Consider each of them mentioned below:


Gojek is an Indonesian company serving multiple services through its application. However, the firm was founded by Nadiem Makarim, Kevin Aluwi, and Michaelangelo Moran in 2010, headquartered in Jakarta. Formerly, they were offering two services: courier delivery and two-wheel ride-hailing. Later with further advancements, they started providing various services and are currently operating their business in over 8 countries.


It is a company in the Middle East offering different services to people. Moreover, the firm was founded in 2012 by Mudassir Sheikha and Magnus Olson and is based in Dubai. Initially, the firm was known for providing ride-sharing services, and later it went on to add various services. Currently, it is running its business in over 100 Middle Eastern cities, Africa and South Asia.  


Rappi is a company situated in the Latin American region, providing various services to the people. It was founded in 2015 by Juan Pablo Ortega, Sebastian Mejia, Felipe Villamarin, Guillermo Plaza Roche, Simón Borrero in Bogota, Colombia. With further progress, the firm is currently serving its services in 9 LATAM countries.

Due to some factors, these platforms become an optimized marketplace for entrepreneurs, which benefits their venture in various ways. Let’s know the certain factors resulting in making an enterprise advantageous.

How Super-App Becomes an Optimized Marketplace for Entrepreneurs?

There are many factors that make these solutions an optimized marketplace for entrepreneurs.

The biggest benefits of these super apps are cost-effective and timing saving with a single place for all activities. Here is an example, a super app for an online event can help you promote events, register events, generate tickets for access, accept payments and delivery of events and collect reviews, etc. 

What else? 

Easier Management of Business: Venture becomes simpler to run as the vendor can handle almost every compartment. It includes analyzing the income of workers and enterprise, managing users and partners, managing area of service delivery, and many other components.

Higher Scalability: It doesn’t matter the size of the customer base; the business can handle any number of users entering in it. Furthermore, the attributes of the venture can be modified according to its requirements. All these things raise the scalability of enterprises more than ever before.

Better Customer Reach: As compared to the traditional approach, businesses can reach out to more users through these applications. It is because the entrepreneurs can effectively market their enterprise as they receive numerous options for the same. It consists of establishing customer care and customer support centers.

For example, Small business owners can perform their daily financial activities in an easy way such as payment confirmation and receipt generation, scanning business expense receipts, sending payment confirmations, etc.

Thus, entrepreneurs are attracted to building their super apps for businesses to rise higher in the market. Here are some of the multi-service platform providers mentioned next.

Super App Development Providers

Many entrepreneurs are willing to get multi-service solutions for their ventures. They can get them by paying their convenient pricing package from the different categories of the plans provided by companies to their clients. Consider the super app providers listed below:  

Elluminati Inc

Elluminati Inc is one of the leading super app development companies helping merchants to foster their ventures significantly. Moreover, they have a team of developers who understands the requirements of the enterprise thoroughly and deliver practical solutions accordingly. In addition, they have an experience of 10+ years in the industry and have accomplished 1200+ projects of their customers.


AppDupe is a prominent multi-service app development provider for ventures to rise in the market. However, the company has an industry experience of 10+ years and has come with the vision of delivering desirable solutions to its clients. They have a staff of over 250 employees who can fulfill the requirements of the enterprises on time. Furthermore, they are known for anytime availability for solving issues of their customers.


It is a company that serves the best super app development to their clients willing to establish an online multi-service business. In addition, Jungleworks has been offering its mastery of services since 2011 and has a team of experts who contribute maximum to satisfy their customers by delivering desirable solutions. Apart from the multi-service sector, they also provide services related to other segments.

Hence, entrepreneurs can meet people’s preferences for multi-service apps by getting them developed by the providers mentioned above. Apart from these, you can contact many others available on your browser. 

These all apps use cloud-native security to secure customers’ data and below are the 4 most Cs of Cloud-native security.

4 Cs Pillars of Cloud Native Security


Kubernetes is the standard operating tool of this layer that addresses the primary security concerns like secrets management, RBAC authorization, network policies, and pod security policies


Organizations have maximum control over this layer to implement security recommendations like adopting DevSecOps practices, performing static code analyses


The recommended security postures of this layer are image signing, container vulnerability scanning, and prohibiting privileged users.


Considered the foundation of all layers of security, infrastructure security is integral to the Cloud services of the respective providers

Final Words

Because of the tremendous demands for super apps among the people, the entrepreneurs needed to shift their business online to multi-service solutions by getting them created from the technology partners and can start receiving several benefits of online venture. Therefore, in the end, it becomes an optimized marketplace for entrepreneurs.

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