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Best Use of Android Application Development Tools

android dev tools

Android is one of the most creative mobile applications platform because of its open source nature. This has given an impetus to developers to create stunning applications using this platform. They create unique applications and upload it on the Android market so that users all around the world can avail themselves of the functionalities offered by the application.


There are Software Development Kits (SDKs) available for mobile apps developers if they want to create application on different platforms. Developers gain experience and skills as they use the tools in the SDK and create applications. Java is the most commonly used programming language which is used for different platforms for creating amazing applications. Other toolkits or languages that help in android apps development are C, extensions of C, and Ruby.

Selecting the right development environment depends on the nature of the application to be created. If there are in-built libraries available then the burden of creating an application-specific functionality from the scratch just gets reduced. Application-specific functionalities may also be programmed in other tools by extra efforts so as to program each module individually.


There are a number of tools that can be utilized for creating quality android applications. Some of the tools are Basic4Android, Gimbel Context Aware, Titanium SDK, and Vuforia. Basic4Android can be used to code cloud-based android apps. It helps to develop and test application involved in database communication and can be used to create 2-D real time games. With Gimbel, android apps developers can create geography based applications or Geo fencing applications. It helps developers in creating location based applications without the need to begin from the scratch. With Titanium SDK, developers can create native applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. Utilizing syntax of JavaScript for programming, it offers high percentage of code usability.

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