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Best 5 Free Open Source Ecommerce Platforms

It’s remarkable and evident as to how the initiation of the Internet has altered the way we organize things, particularly in business. The Internet’s speediness and scope has played an essential role in the working of the economy in the recent years. Its indisputable effect is unbelievable. From self-effacing small scale industries, to enormous and sophisticate enterprises, today, every business has to integrate this medium to further sell products and services through the medium of an online store.

Irrespective of your knowledge, you will avail a fair benefit after reading this article. It’ll assist you with considerations that you should take in selecting for an ecommerce platform. The main and most important features of any platform that you’ll find are stage, scalability, safety, dependability and sustenance. Take note of these features for their excellence, which will regulate your accomplishments in the future. All customers want is to be guaranteed that all of their dealings with you are protected but at the same time it should as relaxed to execute as probable.

Basically there are three most commonly used e-commerce platforms, namely:

  • Open Source ecommerce solutions: – You can design them bestowing to your preferences.
  • Hosted ecommerce solutions: – These solutions pledges speedy start-up and accomplishments. You’ll get consistency, scalability, constant observation, complete sustenance and free and programmed advancements.
  • Licensed ecommerce solutions: – In these solutions you get the resistance that open source solutions offers and also assimilate third party solutions as your business spreads.

Below, we assess and analyze the five greatest free open source ecommerce platforms existing. Each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which are considered with diverse users in mind. Uploading products and adapting your store can consume your time to the core, so validate that several platforms are there on your tried list, before making the final decisions of integrating your products into one site. Below is the list of the best open source e-commerce platforms:

1.  Magento


Magento web development is a changeable solution that has many features to make your websites SEO friendly, presentable, practice centered and has whole functioning proficiency. Open source designers and developers consider Magento as the best ecommerce solution because it offers many distinguished features.

i.    Language: PHP / MySQL
ii.    Dev. Level: Advanced
iii.    Cost/Fees: Both free and paid plans available

2. osCommerce


osCommerce make you available the tools to build your very own online store to commence selling the products and facilities to the customers globally.

i.    Language:   PHP / MySQL
ii.    Dev. Level:  Advanced
iii.    Cost/Fees:   Free

3. OpenCart


provides an ‘out of the box’ explanation with connect and operation with negligible manual involvement and formation. OpenCart is an outstanding selection for anyone who is considering getting ongoing with selling online rapidly and with no trouble, with a wide collection of additions, either free or paid.

i.    Language: PHP / MySQL
ii.    Dev. Level: Basic
iii.    Cost/Fees: Free

4. PrestaShop


PrestaShop is yet another strong, expert-rank e-Commerce solution that you can download, set up, and use for without any cost. PrestaShop has modernized the industry by offering features that occupies customers and intensify your online sales.

i.    Language: PHP / MySQL
ii.    Dev. Level: Advanced
iii.    Cost/Fees: Free

5. LiteCommerce


LiteCommerce offers an influential ecommerce CMS with Drupal’s CMS combined into it, additionally. It can operate whichever way, either as a Drupal unit or as a separate site. This platform employs some actually nice basics to advance experience of the users, both at customer level and executive level.

i.    Language: PHP / MySQL
ii.    Dev. Level: Advanced
iii.    Cost/Fees: Free

Concluding off, all you have to keep in mind is to select the platform that best fits your individual standards and your financial plan. Not to forget your enterprise’s objectives, therefore select features that will go along well with them since, when it comes to make a choice from your open source ecommerce platforms, there are plenty to select from.

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Grace Hughes is an experienced editor and leading writer for the technology related topics. Grace Hughes writes on technology related topics such as web development outsourcing, website designing, ecommerce, mobile apps development and etc.

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