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Changing Trends In Mobile-Phone Applications

mobile application developmentThe use of mobiles is not limited to mere sending text messages and answering or making calls. Today, the development of smart phones and tablets has the ability to browse the internet, to play songs and games, to watch videos and many other such functions. This has led to the growth of the mobile application development. These mobile applications entertain us at the same time provide benefits to online business. All this is possible because of the latest technology in software application.

New trends in mobile application development:

  • Mobile banking: This concept is growing fast among all over the world. This has led to a growth in internet wealth managers and online banks. This concept allows one to make payment through mobile phones as against paying through cheques or cash. The right kind of awareness if created will help this system to be appreciated. The system allows free transactions and immediate payment. However, the concerns related to security of mobile banking have the possibility to bring the market to a slowdown.
  • Cloud computing:This allows the storage of services and data in virtual servers as against a handset. The application allows exchange of information and data among users and is good for private use as also for business.
  • Advertisement application: The development of applications may also usher in the advertisement application very soon. As Google enters the mobile technology, it is sure to bring in changes in mobile advertising.
  • Business application:Today business tycoons depend on their phones (smart phones) to multi- task and make their lives easier by saving their time. Apps related to business are effective in promotion of business. These apps help the companies to cater to the needs of the customers and provide them services of high quality. Other applications include social networking, analytic tool, stock market trading and presentations, etc. Developers of mobile applications can also provide customized application according to the demand of the business.
  • Apps based on location: This application is mostly used to show the exact location of a building or a person and can be used in locating important places like hospitals, police stations and other such important places.

Approaches made by web developers:

Most companies go to the vendors to get their mobile applications developed. Due to the prerogative of the vendor, suggestions are made to avail of the best in development technology based on the kind of company and their customers, their domain and their base that will enhance the business of the company. The various types of approaches made in mobile applications include:

->  HTML and Web Apps

->  Hybrid Apps

->  Native Apps

Although various approaches and popular applications are used in mobile technology, there is no assurance that these applications will bring profit to the company’s business. A lot depends on the strategies for increasing business. Mobile apps on the other hand, continue to amuse the common man.

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  1. Kate

    June 12, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    Mobile Banking has made it easy to operate transactions from mobiles. Now there is no need to stand in the long queue. These apps has solved many tedious tasks which can not be done in less time.

  2. Vishal

    September 16, 2013 at 9:56 am

    All of this mobile phone application development creates a great time saving factor for every person. Banking sector applies mobile banking and this facility save huge amount of time compared to the old banking method. All this application is available in the handset and every person used this application for time saving.

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