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5 Fun Facts about Ice-O-Matic Machines

Ice-o-Matic machines are state-of-the-art commercial ice machines that are widely regarded as the best around. Read on to learn 5 fun facts about the ice machines.

Ice machines have completely changed the game for the food service industry or any other sector which needs a constant supply of ice to maintain its service. Before any freezing equipment was invented, ice used to be delivered to people after cutting it from frozen ponds and rivers, but 90% of it melted.

Going from that to these immaculate machines that produce unlimited ice cut up in any shape is a wonder of societal and technological processes. First invented in 1851, ice machines are now a fundamental part of many industries, and they continue to improve in functionality. Several companies focus on their ice machines producing the highest quality crystal clear ice, which means there are now several options on the market if you are looking for an ice machine.

One such state-of-the-art ice machine is the Ice-O-Matic which has emerged as a major player in the ice machine industry. Found in the year 1952, Ice-O-Matic has now established itself as one of the leading ice machine manufacturers in the United States and is the choice for many businesses. In the company’s own words, they are dedicated to providing “simple, reliable, and easy-to-use commercial ice machines.” The overall consensus from users shows that the company has achieved its objective, and it continues to perfect its machines by incorporating the latest technological advances.

If you are intrigued and want to know more about Ice-O-Matic, we have compiled a list of 5 fun facts that will thoroughly educate you on the ins and outs of the popular ice machine.

5 Fun Facts about Ice-O-Matic

Once you start to learn about Ice-O-Matic, you will realize that there is plenty of information that can be gathered. Though the company started with a classic ice cube machine, it has now expanded its range to include several other ice shapes. Let’s take a look at 5 fun facts about the machine to learn about its different products and their features in detail.

Ice-O-Matic is Committed to Manufacturing in The US

Conceived in the United States, Ice-O-Matic emphasizes manufacturing its ice machines within the country to help out the flailing industrial sector. The US’ overall macroeconomic outlook has seen almost all major companies outsource their manufacturing to countries with cheaper labor, such as China.

This has led to the loss of jobs but an increase in profit margins for the corporations. Ice-O-Matic is one of the few businesses still manufacturing in the US and contributing to the economy. The company manufactures 90% of its machines in its Colorado facilities and continues as a proud Made in US business.

Ice-O-Matic Has a Whole Range of Ice Machines

Starting with the humble ice cube producer. Ice-o-Matic has now expanded its range to many other ice machines, including ice storage bins. Notable ice machines produced by Ice-O-Matic include the cuber, which is always a classic, the flaker, which is a necessity for bars and juice bars; and the pearl type, which is used by fast food chains like Sonic.

They also have a line of machines that produce gourmet ice cubes, special ice cubes with a nearly 100% water-to-ice ratio.

Ice-O-Matic Was the First to Use Harvest Assist Technology

In simple words, Harvest Assist Technology makes the process of producing ice cubes through the machine extremely efficient. Ice-O-Matic was the first major ice machine manufacturer to incorporate that technology into its products. This keen eye for technological advances helps Ice-O-Matic stand apart from its competitors.

Ice-O-Matic Was The First to Introduce Agion

Agion is an antimicrobial agent that prevents any microorganism from developing in food. Ice-o-Matic included Agion in all its machines for the first time, which meant that the ice produced by its machines was completely uncontaminated and safe to consume.

Ice-O-Matic is Manufactured Sustainably

The company is dedicated to keeping the manufacturing process of Ice-O-Matic machines as green as possible. Therefore, they try to use as little energy as possible during the manufacturing process. They recycle all recyclable materials and have significantly reduced the amount of water used, thereby wasting less water. Ice-O-Matic’s sustainable practices are the way to go for all ice manufacturers and are highly commendable.

Final Thoughts

Ice-O-Matic produces high-quality ice machines, but a deeper look shows how it conducts its business is also highly commendable. The company is an asset for the US since it conducts all its manufacturing activities in the country and has sustainable practices that all businesses should emulate. If you are impressed by Ice-O-Matic and want to rent a machine from their range for your business, contact LA Ice Machines now to go through our extensive range of Ice-O-Matic machines designed to produce the freshest, clearest, and most tempting ice.

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