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20 Questions You Must Ask an App Developer before Hiring

Whether you want to get a new app or are looking for improvement in the previous one it is your right to know well about the app developer or the company. The future of mobile apps is bright. The recent statics by reveals that mobile app development will go up to 31.5 billion in the year 2022 as compared to 29.6 billion downloads in the year 2017.

Your mind would be full of queries and concerns while hiring an app developer. People have dreams and aspirations while starting any business. Whether it is a startup or a running business, mobile app development is the biggest technology concern of present time. People are in a dilemma about whether they should hire an android app developer or go with a company.

Why it is Necessary to Interview the Prospect Mobile App Development Company

Money is one of the important concerns for any business but it is not the only thing you should look out for. Other than the money you are going to pay for mobile app development services you have to check the other things too. Below mentioned are the reasons why you should ask until you are satisfied with the developer who is responsible to design and develop a mobile app for your business or startup.

To Deliver What You Desire: Website or app designer is the one who sketches the framework of your business desires. It is necessary to find the one who is able to understand your business idea then only he can deliver what you are looking for. So, if you are looking to put your exact idea into business then you need a professional who can develop an app like that.

For an Uninterrupted Product or Service Delivery: Apps make it easy for your prospective client to reach your business. The data revealed by says that 80% of the time spent in mobiles is spent using the apps. In order to give an uninterrupted product or service delivery, you would need an app that is perfectly functional and is easy to use also. Again only a professional could provide you with this. Expecting an app with no mistake from a novice is wrong as only professional app development services could give you the same.

For Ease in Doing Business: you need to be technically sound if you are looking for ease in doing business. Interviewing the right app developer would ensure that you will get this service from them. While interviewing the prospect developer you would get an idea whether he is capable to deliver what you are looking for. Data by shows that by the year 2020 the non-gaming app download would be around 182.1 billion.


Must Ask Questions When Looking for Best App Development Services

The search for the best is not always easy. In order to have the best one by your side, it is necessary that you have a tough scanning process. I am going to mention the questions that would make your way to find the cost-effective and best mobile app development company.

1) What are some of the mobile apps developed by you so far?

It is your right to know. App development means you are letting someone present you in a global platform from where your business would be visible to the masses. Knowing about the past apps that have been developed by them would give you an idea of work. You can also know if they are proficient in handling your business type or not.

2) What mobile app development process you follow?

Ask them about the process they would follow for app development. The general process for app development is business analysis, actual app development, quality testing, and successful launch. Considering the time and market demand it is good to hire an agile software development company for the building of your app. They are found to be more efficient as compared to the other ones.

3) Will you also submit the app on stores?

There are development companies that will only develop an app for you. On the other hand, there are companies who would favour you with both the tasks of app development and submitting it on stores. Knowing this beforehand will help you to make the necessary arrangements and look for a suitable alternative.

4) What is your mode of communication for any updates?

You need to speak up with the developer ‘n’ number of times. For this, it is necessary that you have an easy mode of communication. While interviewing your prospect app development company, inquire how you are going to communicate to solve any kind of disparities. There are few means of communication means like Basecamp, Jiva, Trello, Asana; you can ask them to be in touch through them or over email. This would ensure an uninterrupted flow of communication.

5) Who is going to have the ownership of code?

Ownership of codes should be in your hand. Ask them about the possession of codes. If you won’t have the possession of code then you won’t be able to make necessary changes. You won’t have any right over the app if you don’t have code ownership.

6) What was your worst experience of creating a mobile app for your client?

Mobile app creation is a tough task. Only an experienced professional would ensure that you have an error-free app. By asking them about the worst experience would let you know the problem they have faced in the past and how they overcame the same.

7) Which platforms would be good as per you for mobile app development?

The more knowledge you would gain about business the more helpful it would be for you. Take the suggestion about the app development platform that would be soothing for your business and why. If they are able to answer it correctly with the right justification then it signifies the right decision.

8) How much is your charge and what would be the mode of receiving payment?

Ask and inquire about the charge and bifurcation of the same. You should know the services they are providing in the estimated budget. Along with this, know about their mode of receiving payment. For instance, if the company only takes cash then you have to make the necessary arrangements beforehand.

9) What makes your app development different from others?

When you tend to hire an android app developer and that too the best one, you should ask them what makes them suitable for the task. Ask them about their USP that makes them unique from others. And as per this, you can take their services.

10) Do you develop an app for multiple platforms?

To have more user interface it would be good having an app for multiple platforms. If you desire for business expansion then selecting a company that could develop apps for Android, iOS, Microsoft, etc. would be a good option.

11) Is there any scope to modify app feature after the final drafting?

There are certain ideas that won’t click to you at a particular time. If you come up with ideas after the app development then how the company is going to meet with the expectation. There are few android app development agencies that charge for every modification made. Ask this as per your need so that you may get uninterrupted services.

12) Will you test the app?

By the time of app development, there would be many bugs and broken figures. If you wish to have your app the way you envisioned it then it is necessary for you to work together on it with the developer. As the app is being developed, it should be tested. If the developer is employing agile methodology then they would test versions of app throughout the process of development. App testing should be done on the app for which it is made. For instance for testing an iOS app, you need to check it in supporting device like 5, 6S, 6S Plus, etc. There are certain tools that can be utilized to test mobile apps like, Perfecto Mobile, and Device Anywhere.

13) What is the policy of withdrawal?

Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst as well. What will happen if you want to discontinue the app? What is the policy of withdrawal? You should know this before only. This is necessary so that you would be prepared to face any such challenges.

14) Do you have a developer account?

If you are hiring a freelancer developer and you are in a dilemma whether your decision is right or not then better you ask for the developer account. Having a developer account means the developer has published an app to the app store.

15) How long it will take to add necessary linking to the account?

Google Analytics, AdMob Banner, Facebook Share Dialog, Vungle, PushWoosh are few of the important links that would help in boosting up your business. You should inquire about this prior only. Ask if they are providing these possible links and also ask about the time that it would take.

16) What is your Github Repository link?

Githhub is a platform where most of the developers save their link for future reference and sharing. To know much about their work, you can ask for the Github Repository link.

17) Under which name the mobile app will be published?

This is a very important question that you should ask your developer. The name with which the app would be published is going to have the ownership. It is necessary to get the ‘copyright assignment’, or ‘work made for hire’ from them. This would give you the owner of content, design and source code.

18) How I will earn money from the app?

A mobile app developer should know how to monetize the app. There are several ways to earn money from app apart from the selling product or services. Advertisements, subscriptions, pay-per-download are few of the ways through which you can earn money. Your developer should have an idea of this. He should be able to present this to you.

19) What about Design and User Experience?

The design should be clear to you. Ask them about the design and also navigation. Ensure that the design is user-friendly. Ask them about a design that would focus on your targeted audience

20) Who is going to maintain the app post-launch?

The job is not done with app launch on the stores. The post-launch is more complex. You are supposed to make regular updates in order to get new users and to engage the old ones. Along with this, it is necessary to fix bugs regularly as there would be bugs always. So, you should ask the developer about the support and maintenance program.

Wrapping Up

In order to develop and deploy an app properly, you need a professional. Hire mobile app developer who is well-versed with your business. From checking the technical background to the past work developed, going through all these processes of investigation would assure you have a good hand for technical support for app development and deployment. The set of questions that are mentioned here would help you in refining the prospects and come to a positive conclusion. You can always get the best experience when you have the professionally competent developer by your side. At Credencys we provide the best mobile app development services in the US. Whether you are a startup or are looking for a professional app designer for your business, we can assist you in that in the best manner.

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Manish is principle consultant at Credencys Solutions Inc. a (keyword). He is both an innovator and inventor and is an expert in transforming ambiguous ideas into concise, executable strategies that mitigate risk, maximize ROI and obtain timely measurable business results. He has led several technical and non-technical projects and has experience of the complete project life cycle.

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