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10 Ways to Promote Your Instagram Profile

As with all social media platform, the essence of creating a profile is to promote yourself and your brand to the world and gain followers. Instagram is no different. With over 50 million pictures posted and over 500 million users since its inception in 2010, Instagram is the place to be if you want to promote your brand. So to really have that Instagram-presence, there are certain things to do

Choose a great username: Choosing a name is an important step when developing your profile. The name you decide to choose should be a reflection of your personality and the brand you intend to push into the world. Avoid the use of long and difficult usernames that followers will have problems pronouncing it. It is better to use the same username with another social platform so that you can link both accounts and followers can track you on either one.

Pay attention to the details: The littlest details can make or mar your profile, so when choosing a picture, logo or brand to promote yourself, pay attention to the slightest details. Dedicate at least 15 minutes to make sure that your picture is proper before using it as a profile picture and make use of the Instagram picture tool to edit the picture until it is right.

Fewer hashtags: When creating profile info about yourself, take your time to write out in about 150 words on what you are about. This will endear followers to you and your brand. The use of too many hashtags kills what would have been a good profile. A couple of hashtags are not bad but too many spoils the profile.

Use the right words: Most people will stay away from mundane and profane languages, it does not matter what you are trying to promote, and the right language should be employed. If you are a first timer, endeavor to read the terms and conditions to avoid your account getting blocked or taken down.

So, now you have your Instagram account all set up, to keep it running and have followers teaming up after you, you should

Post consistently: This will keep your viewers excited and wanting more from you

Be engaging: Use more videos and go on Instagram live to connect and engage with your viewers.

Be professional: This involves not mixing business with pleasure. If you have a brand to promote, have a different Instagram page for it this will show professionalism. Don’t in any way drag your life affairs into your business except if that is your job.

Be searchable: Aside from choosing a good username, let your username be searchable and easy to finds

Use geo-location: Adding a geo-location to your page will give an audience from around the globe

Be honest: With yourself and your followers about whom and what you stand for; avoid unnecessary compromise that might ruin your brand and personality

Most times, with different pages and apps on this increasingly popular social network, we find it rather difficult to attend to all of them; we can now keep up by using an Instagram bot or Instagram automation tool that could help us do these basic things while we carry on with our life.

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