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Why You Should Spend More Time On DIY Projects For Your Home

Do-it-yourself is not a new concept; DIY has been in fashion since the 1950s and has never really been out of style. The great thing about DIY is anyone can do it.

In the 1980s there was a shift away from DIY when Ikea and similar outlets arrived and this along with mass production meant often it was cheaper to buy something new than to restore it or build it yourself. Subsequently, many of the skills involved, such as furniture painting, woodwork and craft, were forgotten.

Luckily when would-be DIYers got tired of every bit of furniture looking the same the love for DIY returned and much-needed creativity. DIY is here to stay, and one of the reasons is that it makes us feel good. Not only can DIY save you cash, but it can promote peace of mind, increase your confidence and help to save the planet through recycling and to upcycle at the same time.

Creating and making things yourself also gives you a sense of pride and defines your style. On top of that, you learn new skills when you undertake a DIY project, and your time is spent in a ‘creative flow’, whereby you are focused on the task at hand, which is a form of mindfulness and right now this is very important for a healthy mind, body and soul.

Read on to explore all these reasons why you should incorporate some DIY into your life.

Increases Brain Power and Empathy

Learning DIY is a fantastic way to gain new skills or knowledge. Whether reading up on techniques online or talking to a knowledgeable family member, discovering how to fix a broken appliance or put up a shelf will teach you something new, upgrade your problem-solving abilities and most likely improve your relationships.

While we can’t guarantee the last one –  just chatting to a family member about something you both enjoy can reinforce a bond.

Creates a Journey of Self Discovery

DIY is a great way to discover what you enjoy and what matters most to you from helping you uncover your hidden natural talents to pointing you toward your values and passions. Plus, DIY offers a great way to express your creative personality, things may not always work out, but at least you will have a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses by the end of the project.

Deal with Your Stress Effectively

It’s a fact that the happiest people keep their minds and bodies active, and DIY activities are a perfect way to do both. Beginning a DIY project is the ideal way to distract yourself and drown out the noise of stressful news and help you deal with the feeling of being out of your control. It allows you to focus, plan and work with your hands. Enjoy the empowering feeling of creating something on your own; all these things beneficial to your overall well being.

Builds a Community

Many like-minded DIY enthusiasts share their love for creating things online, so why not see what other people are doing? Join in and share your skills.

Make the most out of your social media accounts and start following your favourite DIY experts, soon you will notice that others will comment on your project, offer some advice and tips, start a conversation, you never know where it might lead.

Few things bring people together like shared interests, and DIY projects encourage these unique connections. Whether you enjoy painting, crafting or remodelling, chances are there is a community of people who will offer friendship and support – an essential part of keeping your dreams on track.

New Found Confidence

People who love DIY rely less on the services and expertise of others. Instead, they find a confidence-building sense of freedom through the new skills they have cultivated, a resilience that spreads through all areas of life.

This confidence can lead to a more motivated frame of mind, which is useful right now. Keeping yourself busy, putting yourself to work and being creative can be a catalyst for something much bigger down the road. Maybe a career change, a side gig, or even opening your own business? Who knows? But one thing for sure, you won’t know until you try it out.

Take Away

So the point is simple: DIY is great for your sense of self! If you later find yourself with more time on your hands, consider tackling some DIY projects and learning a new skill. You just may find it changes your life, but if not your life, your wallpaper!

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