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Folding Knife: The Most Portable Tool that You Need

If you’ve never used folding knives, this is a great opportunity to learn about all of their useful functions. Varying in size, length, and style, the unifying feature of all of them is their flexibility, which allows the blade to fold into the handle when no longer in use. This safety feature prevents injuries such as lacerations. Folding knives are also a portable, general-purpose tool that is popular for camping and everyday carry (EDC) use.

By definition, a pocket knife is a type of folding knife that is meant to fit inside your pocket. These folding knives are examples of why this cutting tool comes in handy. It’s not just a matter of chopping things up when need be. Features like lanyard loops, ambidextrous options for multiple users to handle, quick-release buttons, and non-sparking features are a few other features that may make a folding knife have more appeal. Read on to find out why these features matter, and where and for what you’d commonly use this portable tool.

Where Would You Use a Folding Knife?

The versatility of a folding knife is apparent in many places.

Cutting and Preparing Food

Whether you’re at home or in the woods camping, you’ve got to eat. And trying to use the same knife for everything can become ineffective (or at least require a lot more cleaning).

You don’t have to suppress your inner chef from the comfort of your tent or cabin. Did you know you can use a folding knife to slice fruit, peel potatoes, and spread jam and toppings on your bagel? Fishermen can easily gut and filet fish during their next fishing trip.

Although it may seem like an odd cutting tool to use in a restaurant, chefs and waiters can make use of this tool, too. Slicing and carving food with a folding knife comes in handy because the typical tasks executed in these settings don’t always require the use of a full-sized blade.

While a chef’s knife may be too big or a paring knife may be too small and weak for certain tasks, a folding knife can cut a little bit of everything, including halving a whole roasted chicken to an avocado.

Opening Packages

A folding knife can be used for mundane tasks such as opening packages. While this process can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you’re dealing with clamshell packaging or zip ties, this tool can efficiently ease the trouble. In a mailroom or industrial work environment where opening packages is a regular part of the job, you’ll want to find one that’s comfortable enough to do on a repetitive basis. If there are multiple team members, an ambidextrous folding knife expands its users, too.

Making Art

Are you ready to create amazing art? Showcase your talents through carving. With a folding knife, you can carve a functional object or an artistic statue that will capture the attention of admirers at arts and crafts festivals.

Emergency Situations

In our everyday lives, we can encounter dangerous or emergency situations that require us to think on our feet and act quickly. Some of these situations can include having to break the glass of a car window or cut a seat belt. In fact, some pocket knives come with an extra protrusion at the bottom of the knife for the specific purpose of breaking glass. If it makes sense, use the lanyard hole to add to your keychain. This way, you don’t have to search for it in an urgent predicament.

If you have a dog, for example, you can quickly cut the leash if it accidentally gets stuck in the elevator. Use the quick-release button (if your folding knife has one) and cut the leash before your pet can become trapped on the other side.

In rare and astonishing cases, pocket knives have been used by medical professionals to perform an emergency tracheotomy. For instance, in 2013, a doctor saved a woman from choking by performing this life-saving procedure with a pocket knife and a pen.


Many people enjoy the thrill and excitement of camping. This activity requires you to be resourceful and quick-witted. For example, kindling a fire can be a daunting task, but this type of knife can successfully help you feel the warmth as you roast marshmallows. Also, use it to strip or cut wire, or cut rope. You can also use a folding knife to perform first aid by cutting bandages and removing splinters and thorns.

Benefits of a Folding Knife

The utility and convenience of a folding knife are noteworthy.

Convenient Opening Style

If you need to use a knife throughout the day or if you encounter an emergency situation, you can easily grab and deploy your folding knife—whether it’s spring-assisted or manually opened. And its ability to fold and shrink into half its size makes it so much more convenient to keep on your person.

Safety Features

Since its blade can fold into the handle, there is less risk of accidental lacerations. You can find comfort in putting your folding knife away and knowing that you and those around you are probably safe from any potential accidents. Many folding knives are also non-sparking.

Ergonomic Design

Many folding knives have ergonomic designs aimed at reducing discomfort and the risk of injury while performing repetitive motions. For example, an ergonomic feature could be a padded or distinctively formed handle.

If properly and safely utilized, there are many benefits, uses, and places that make a folding knife the most portable tool you need. Decide where it makes the most sense for you to use, and enjoy its many functions.

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