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Why You Should Put Your Product In The Hands Of Online Bloggers

It’s no secret that some of the top online bloggers influence the buying decision of many customers when they review products. When a company launches a new product, only the manufacturer knows what it is and what it’s supposed to do. Creating buzz online before the product hits the market can boost sales and possibly create pre-orders. Companies, such as Apple, Amazon and other big names use these same techniques to ensure their new products fly off the shelves.

Before the release of any product, you need to make sure a few things are in order. First, you need to know what your current online reputation looks like. With information about business reputation management, you can find out whether your online reputation is positive, negative or non-existent. This will help you moving forward and you will know what you’re dealing with.

Second, you need to test the product and know it does what you claim it will do. There’s nothing worse than convincing a popular blogger to review your product, only to find they didn’t like it and provided a negative review. It can be difficult to recover from negative reviews, especially from popular bloggers within your industry.

Finally, you need a plan to contact the bloggers and get your product in front of your target audience. When popular bloggers agree to review your product and they give you a positive rating, it can create massive buzz. They can reach hundreds of thousands of readers quickly and all of those readers will get the opportunity to share the review on the different social media sites. Often, these reviews go viral and reach millions of internet users before the buzz dies down.

Finding and Contacting Top Bloggers

Finding the bloggers is the easy part. Just search for popular keywords within your industry and you will find plenty of blogs within the search results. You can look at the social profiles and followers of the actual blog to see how much influence each one can provide. Some may not be able to reach as many as others may, but their audience might match better with your product.

Once you find the popular bloggers, you want to start following them and reading some of their posts. You may even want to share some of their posts on your social profiles and become active within their community. You will need to contact them at some point, but you want to understand their audience first. This will help you relate the benefits of your product to their audience.

Contacting the blogger is a very important part of the process and you may want to start with a little small talk or a question about something on their blog before introducing your product. Don’t hide the fact that you want them to review your product. Honesty goes a long way with bloggers and many don’t want to feel tricked into reading a sales pitch. You should also offer them something in return.

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