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When to Choose React Native to Build Your App

Hybrid applications are becoming more prevalent. Facebook, in particular, has taken a great initiative with React, while also showing the power of the technology to develop its line of top-notch solutions. But should you follow suit? Here’s when you should be using React Native for app development.

For a Cost-Effective Solution

If you’re developing an application for a large market, you have to consider both iOS and Android users. Developing native apps for each platform can be fairly time-consuming while also costing you twice the amount. The silver bullet to the problem is using React Native. You can reuse much of the codebase, preventing cost and time overheads that come from various dual-platform development strategies.

When you factor in all of the resources, prebuilt libraries, and assets that React Native has that work for both operating systems, you’ve got a solid argument to use it.

For Faster Development

As previously stated, you can reduce a large chunk of the codebase and utilize many of the prebuilt libraries that developers have created for React Native to shorten the development cycle. Many developers prefer using as many prebuilt assets as they can to push out MVPs, allowing them to work more heavily on the core functionalities that should be built from scratch.

Because you can handle lots of errors at runtime in React Native, it also becomes simpler to find any bugs in the code.

To Give Native Design

Anyone that’s used one single app on iOS and Android knows that they look fairly different on each platform. While this doesn’t affect the learning curve by much, there’s a distinct look and flow to the system which is dictated by the app design philosophy of both Google and Apple respectively.

Facebook was fully aware of this and has integrated numerous components that help you design by the design philosophy of both platforms simultaneously. Your application will run and look as good as any natively designed application on your user’s phone.

You can Benefit From Code Push

CodePush has been a major game-changer and many are wondering why major platforms haven’t implemented it. Suppose you’ve made a minor mistake in the latest build of your application. If you need to make any changes for native applications, you’d have to launch a whole new update for it, which has various deadlocks, including approval from both Apple and Google.

The App Center cloud service allows you to update your application in run-time, making changes on the user’s end. No need to reload the app or refresh it as all is taken care of in real-time.

If you’re not sure which kind of development to opt for, Softwareistic can help you make up your mind and also complete your application development. Work with our reliable, experienced Android or iOS app development agency offering Flutter App Development, React Native App Development. We help businesses from different domains build their apps from the ground up or revamp their existing functionalities.

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