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When Should I Be Paid For Publishing Guest Posts?


This article addresses a question that is either on the mind (or will soon be on the mind of bloggers) who accept free guest posts on their Websites; when should you ask for something in return for publishing guest articles on your site? Following the decision to accept guest articles on this site, we have been inundated with requests for guest posting opportunities. However, like every thing else, hosting guest articles does not come without its drawbacks. As a result, I have highlighted the following points, based on our experience, to help you in making a decision on whether to charge for guest articles or not.

Article marketers pretend to be guest bloggers

When you observe that most requests for guest posts are from (paid) article marketers who pretend to be bloggers, it is probably time to ask for something in return. Many blogs, including this one, have tried to help other bloggers gain more exposure and popularity over the years. As a result, they often ask for would-be guest bloggers to register and submit guest posts online. Most times they do not ask for anything in return – a form of an unwritten bloggers code. However, as article marketing is fast becoming big business on the Internet, you find a lot of paid marketers pretending to be bloggers just to take advantage of these kind of opportunities mostly without the consent of the blog author.

Most contributors only submit one article

When most of your guest contributors are only interested in submitting one article, it is perhaps time to consider paid guest post publishing. Indeed, those who submit only one guest post are often found to be serial article marketers and time wasters who are only interested in getting as many backlinks as possible at any given time.

Authors don’t care about quality

There are two categories of guest authors who display this particular attribute. The time wasters who only ever submit one article and those who begin with good quality articles and gradually stop bothering. In either cases, the consequence can be grave as it tends to drive readers away and cheapens your site. Although there is a saying that “the best things in life are free” but some take it too far and totally disregard your good gesture by rewarding you with poorly spinned crap articles.

Editing articles and processing emails take all day

 Have you ever considered how many articles and emails a popular guest-post publishing site can receive in a day. At present, we have to process up to 50 unique emails a day and edit several articles per week and I can’t bare to think what the more popular blogs and websites are doing. In addition, most of these emails are from people inquiring about guest blogging despite the fact that we have many Web pages with that are already dedicated to answering those questions. When you find yourself spending several hours a day or week doing something other than writing and publishing articles, you should perhaps consider asking for something in return.

Reducing the number of article submissions

When you want to reduce the number of article submissions to manageable proportion, you might as well charge a small fee for guest publishing. This is because most time wasters are often run away when it is no longer free. Unfortunately, this might affect some genuine bloggers as well but in the long run you might be able to reach a compromise that will save you plenty of time and make everyone happy.

I’m quite sure there are other ways to know when it’s time to get paid for publishing guest articles other than those highlighted above. Feel free to share your experiences or opinions in the comment section below.

Considering the above, we are seriously looking at the possibility of introducing paid guest posts from August. We will publish further details in the News Flash! category in due course.

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