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How To Reward Guest Authors On Your Blog


bloggersrewardAs you might have noticed, this blog was offline in the last 24 hours for maintenance purposes. The reason basically is a new attempt to move on to this next level after consistently pulling over seventy-thousand page views per month and ranking between the top 55,000 and 65,000 Websites on Alexa in the last few months. After careful observation and a little bit of reading on traffic generation and so on, we decided one of the best ways of improving is basically to reward our loyal readers and contributors by offering the opportunity to publish their own articles, share our exposure, receive feedback from people of like minds and most of all, get a bit of link juice from a PR5 technology blog.

So then, to the topic of the day – how do you reward guest authors who take on your offer to submit or contribute quality, unique content to your Weblog/Website?


Even a little child knows the value of praise and admiration. By recognising those who contribute to your Website, you will be given them the praise and recognition that is due to them as a result of their time and effort in adding something valuable to you. In WordPress, there are many ways to go about this and we have chosen to list the top 5 contributors at the most prominent position of the sidebar (above-fold). This means that everyone that visits this blog, will be able to see how much they are appreciated.

Give Back

Giving back to guest authors does not actually mean link-exchange. It means you can provide a one-way back-link to your guest authors by creating a little bio or profile structure that will be linked to their display name. Thus, they will benefit from whatever recognition search engines such as Google bestow on you.

Random Appreciation

It is true that you cannot list every contributor on your Website on, for example, a sidebar. Therefore, some will be left out – or wait a minute, they don’t have to be left out. There are several WordPress plugins out there that could allow you to randomly display avatars or gravatars of contributors and authors on your site as we have done in the footer area. This will go a long way in showing that you not only care about those who frequently submit loads of articles but others who may not be able to do so for one reason or another.

Financial Reward

Last but not least is financial rewards. There are a lot of quality freelance article writers out there and some may send emails offering their services in exchange for some money or financial compensation. Unfortunately, there are not so many wealthy bloggers out there thus this option is probably not the most popular. But if you can afford to do so, then why not?

Find out more information about guest posting and the benefits of becoming a contributor on this blog.

Talking Point

What other ways can guest bloggers be rewarded?

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  1. Yesterday when i visited this blog and found it under-construction i was sure that tomorrow you will come with something big. I truly admire the idea of Guest post. This is a great way to share quality content and this is equally beneficial for both parties.

  2. I think you have listed some pretty great ways to reward your guest bloggers. I think financial reward is by far the best for the guest bloggers but like you said there aren’t too many wealthy bloggers out there. Other than finances I think the recognition is something that entices a lot of guest bloggers to start guest posting on other blogs.

    Recognition is very important in this large community because everybody wants to get noticed. I’m glad to hear that you guys are now accepting guest posts, I look forward to reading some great content from your contributors. Also, thanks for sharing your insights on this topic.

  3. For me, it’s difficult to get to the stage where I reward a guest blogger with anything. It seems we have to sift through so many spam and low quality posts, then if we get a good post, it’s usually not in depth enough and has to be revised. Then, of course, it’s formatted incorrectly, i.e., pasted from MS Word. Sometimes, I wonder if publishing guest blog posts is worth it.

  4. Very nice post. I really appreciate your idea and I wanna thank you for sharing always a good, informative, helpful tips and advices. I always love to read different ideas posted in a blog. Thanks for everything. Keep posting!

  5. Thanks for the tips, I’ll have to try some of these techniques. Appreciating your guest bloggers is important because they are helping you out.

  6. For guest post there are many benefits and the greatest benefit is that you get half of traffic of other blog.Financial advantages and introduction are other plus points

  7. Hi,

    Having some good friends that would want to be guest authors on your own blog is something really amazing, it’s extremely useful and great. Your guest authors friends are one of the greatest things to have. Indeed, rewarding the guest authors is very important, essential, the more she works – the more he pays – but when the work is done well – the guest blogger is rewarded and that’s why this kind of system is very popuar and efficient. Thank you very much for sharing these great tips on how to reward the guest author.

    Best regards,


  8. This is actually quite new for me.

    I’ve been a professional SEO specialist for many years. I worked ina commercial setting and then moved to creating my own affiliate websites.

    However over the past year I decided that I wanted to create somethign with a bit more quality. I finally settled on the idea of creating a blog which introduces new Facebook games to people who play Facebook games. (It is difficult for developers to connect with Facebook gamers too!)

    I think my blog has been live for about 9 months now.

    I’ve found it extremely difficult to network and find ways in which I can get readers who will bookmark my site and continue to come back. So ti has been a total new process for me to adjust to and realize what works. I’m now starting to have a lot more success and by connecting with the right people i’ve not got an inbox filled with emails from facebook developers who want their game on my blog.

    It’s all about connecting the dots. Find an audience, find a way to give that audience what they want and then find people who have a use for your website through networking.

    I’m still struggling, but hopefully with persistence and exposure, i’ll be a highly valued website in the next year with a lot of visitors.

    Admin, could you do a case study about what I should be doing with my blog to actually attract people who want to write guests posts and use my feeds etc? How should I be networking?

    My site is (I didn’t use http so you don’t lose any link juice!)



    1. Thanks Matt. Very interesting read. Basically, I don’t think you can do much more than to continue optimising and advertising your pages. Over time, quality bloggers will be attracted to write guest posts for your blog. Btw, you don’t have to worry about our link juice as there is plenty to go around lol 😀

  9. Hey,

    Great article! I have actually been thinking about finding some guest article writers for my blog, I actually had someone approach me the other day asking if he could write for my blog so this article has given me some great ideas on how to reward these people for their efforts.

    Billee Brady

  10. I found your article to be of great interest to me. I agree totally that even a child knows the value of a reward system. We all need feedback from our efforts. If one is guest blogging and not getting any feedback, they may simply feel that they are doing so in vain effort. Thanks for the great article. I for one appreciate it.

  11. A very useful post. It is good to find a way of rewarding the authors that are contributing to your blog, because no matter how you look at it, there is more in it for you than the author of the guest post.

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