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What Makes React JS Best Option For Front-end Development?

React JS is quite a popular JavaScript framework that is used to develop extensive web & mobile apps. Its characteristics have led many businesses to choose it.

React JS is a JavaScript library created by a software engineer at Facebook. It was mainly created to build UIs for single-page applications. However, it was found that it can be used to build web apps where changes in data can be made without having the page to be reloaded. The importance of React JS development services has increased extensively due to the flexibility and simplicity the framework offers. This is one of the main reasons why it is considered the future of web development by many developers. The popularity of React JS has led many huge companies like Apple, PayPal, Netflix, etc. to choose it for their development needs.

Key benefits of React JS for front-end development

The benefits of choosing React JS for front-end development are:

  • Performance

High performance is what React JS focuses on. The core of React JS provides server-side rendering and a virtual DOM program that helps to run complex apps seamlessly.

  • Speed

With React it becomes possible to speed up the development process as it allows developers to separately have access to the server-side and client-side of the application. This way, developers can write codes for different sections and can be assured that there will be no change in the logic part.

  • Flexibility

React comes with a modular structure and so it is easier to maintain its codes. Therefore, compared to other front-end frameworks, it is quite flexible. It is this flexibility that saves businesses lots of money and time.

  • Mobile app development

React is not actually used just for web development. It is more than that. Now you can have mobile apps with native applications developed both for Android and iOS using this framework.

  • Usability

Some basic knowledge of JavaScript will help you easily start working on React JS. An expert JavaScript developer can easily let the developer understand the React framework in a couple of days.

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Reasons Why Choose React JS

There are a few reasons to choose React JS and they are:

  • It’s easy to learn

Compared to other popular front-end frameworks available in the market, React is quite easier to learn. With the ease of learning, it becomes easier for businesses to get their projects done. For any new technology, the more time it takes to learn it, the more time it takes for developers to complete the development process. Now with React, you can learn quickly as it is a simple framework and this brings businesses closer to it.

  • It helps to build rich user interfaces

For any mobile application, the quality of the user interface plays a very important role. The application may fail to impress the users if it does not come with an impressive user interface. Users will only use your app if it has good UI and with React it is possible. React helps you build rich user interfaces for the exact reason.

  • It allows writing custom components

With React JS you can write your own components and this has been made possible with the optional syntax extension named JSX that it comes with. For developers, it makes all subcomponent rendering a seamless experience while these components generally accept quoting in HTML. Lately, JSX has been used to convert HTML mockups into React Element trees, to build larger applications, and yes, to write custom components.

  • It uplifts developers’ productivity

Facebook brings in the feature of component re-usability with React JS and this saves developers from the trouble they face with other components when they make changes in one of the components of the application. Here we have wrapper components and simple components are added into it. This makes it easy to work inside the component and maintain it in the process. For developers, it increases their productivity.

  • It offers fast rendering services

It is important to define the structure of an application in the beginning if you are going to build a complex one. This is important when it comes to improving the performance of your app.

Earlier apps followed the DOM model where changes at the higher level affected the user interface of the app. Virtual DOM was introduced with React to resolve this issue. With React JS development services you can be sure about offering a better user experience while having high app performance as virtual DOM calculates risks associated with the changes to be made in the app before actually making any.

  • It is SEO-Friendly

For any online business, a faster loading application is important for its success, faster rendering speed and lower page load time helps the app find a better place on Google rankings. React JS helps businesses with the exact need by ensuring to build applications with very low page load times.

  • It comes with a useful developer tool set

Facebook has added a number of beneficial React dev tools and Chrome dev tools into the framework of React JS to turn the solutions into something beneficial. Such tools let developers inspect and maintain child-parent components within the app and observe component hierarchies.

  • Strong community support

One of the main reasons to choose React JS for your business project is the strong community support that it offers. To make it a better framework, a large number of React developers are working and contributing to the community. Moreover, to help developers and businesses, React tutorials and blogs are regularly updated by experts. Apart from that, React experts regularly answer the questions and clear the doubt as a part of the QA sessions that take place on Quora and Stack Overflow.

  • It offers better code stability

In the case of React, the modifications made to the child structure do not affect the parent structure as it has a downward data flow. Here only specific components will be updated and the developer will only have to make the right changes to the states. This leads to better performance of the app and code stability.

  • It is used by many fortune 500 companies

With each passing day, the popularity of React JS is increasing and this is one of the main reasons why it is getting popular among fortune 500 companies. Some of the brands that have chosen React JS development companies for services are Tencent QQ, Tesla, Airbnb, etc. Its web framework is now used by some of the popular companies like Netflix, the New York Times, NASA, PayPal, Lyft, and BBC.


React JS framework is used for front-end development and is quite popular among developers. With every passing year, the popularity of React JS is soaring and more businesses are finding it to be the right solution for their success. However, choosing the right React JS development company is the first thing a business needs to do to enjoy the benefits of this framework!

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Bimal Patel is a CEO and Founder of Myra Technolabs, a steadily growing Top Web and Mobile Development company. It works with the single motto of helping clients build successful businesses in their domain. He believe in creating happy clients and for the same, he invests his full-potential in every client work.



  1. Jignesh Thanki

    October 6, 2021 at 12:21 pm

    React JS is better than Angular or Vue JS because of its superior Virtual DOM capabilities, its robust community support, rich documentation, its light-weight attributes, manageable learning curve, and its flexibility to allow mobile functionality with React Native’s.

  2. Anurag

    October 25, 2021 at 3:50 am

    When I started learning React JS this year, I had some background in web development, used HTML, CSS and JavaScript before, and knew a thing or two about front-end development, but I also have a hard time learning React JS.

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