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How to Choose the Best React Native App Developer

While React is getting more and more use, React Native is gradually becoming an integral part of the JavaScript universe. It allows mobile developers to write mobile apps that can be ported to both iOS and Android.

The advantage of this is that instead of developing separate iOS skills (Objective-C and Swift) and Android skills (Java and Kotlin), mobile app developers can use JavaScript, the most commonly used language nowadays.

How to Choose the Best React Native App Developer

If you want to hire a React Native developer, you need to pay attention to both hard and soft skills specialists. As of 2020, there were more than 244 billion mobile apps downloaded worldwide. What’s more, consumers have spent nearly $111 billion on apps – and that’s an all-time mobile market record.

If you’re not already using mobile apps for business, now is the time to do so. The proliferation of smartphones and apps will continue to grow shortly. There is no downward trend in the relevance of this topic. To bring this idea to life, you will need to hire react native app developer.

React Native

Pros of native development:

  • API availability: All device APIs and built-in functions can be integrated with native development.
  • Availability of third-party libraries: You can get more support compared to response-native, as it preferred native android and ios.

Technical skills of a React Native developer

Scientific and academic experience is almost irrelevant to React. On the other hand, commercial experience is very important. Open source experience is good, but not necessary. If the developer supports a popular OS library, that would be a big advantage. Knowledge of React Hooks, React Context API and Redux is vital for a React developer.

In terms of technical skills, a specialist at this level should:

  1. The specialist must know one of the popular JS frameworks (Vue, Angular) as well as a popular library (React);
  2. know SASS/SCSS/Less/PostCSS;
  3. Be able to set up a Grunt/Gulp/Webpack project build system independently, work with bare JS (ES5, ES6, ES7);
  4. Know and understand RESTful interfaces;
  5. Know how to use code sharing tools (Git + GitFlow).

There are also additional skills that offer advantages. A big plus in the job will be:

  • Experience developing server-side code under Node.js, TypeScript;
  • Understanding of SOLID, Dependency Injection, knowledge of Linux (Debian-like);
  • TDD/BDD experience, test frameworks (Mocha, Should, Chai, Jest);
  • Knowledge of Docker (Kubernetes/Docker Swarm would be a big plus);

The most important thing for the middle is to know how the technology you’re using, your framework, works from the inside.

Clarity and style of code

Working code doesn’t always mean good code. In addition to functionality, the code needs to be clear. Clear code makes application maintenance and future updates much easier. It also greatly affects the functionality of the application. This is because well-structured code is much easier to modify, understand, and read. The ability to code is what separates professional developers from mediocre ones.

Some techniques and principles help programmers make code clearer:

  • Separation of commands and queries;
  • High cohesion, weak communication.

Hiring an expert for a  React Native app development company, who fits in well with your team and has all the necessary skills and experience may not seem too easy. But if you put in the effort, the search is sure to be successful. In any case, by hiring such an expert, your business will quickly reach a new technological level.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jignesh Thanki

    January 28, 2022 at 5:40 am

    React Native is based on React, it’s easy to hire or train React Native developers. There are many advantages to hire the best React Native app developer. Using React Native development services helps us to build applications that further help us gain an edge over the competition.

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