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What Is The Right Way To Increase User Retention With Mobile App Onboarding?

It might be an easy task to build a mobile app and get people to download the app, but the most difficult part is to retain those people on the app. The people who come onboard to the app might lose interest after a certain point in time, leading them to either delete the app or not use it again in the future.

The lifetime success of the app increases if the users retain the app and use it continuously. For a user to keep using the app, businesses need to make it is easy and simple to use. Setting goodwill is extremely important for an organization as it helps in boosting profitability and trust in the business. Similarly, an updated app that listens to its users and is user-friendly will always meet the expectations of the people using the app and there are more chances of loyalty towards it. The core values of the company also play a pivotal role in customer retention.

Here are the 10 largest companies in the world by market value in the year 2019 (in billion US dollars), according to

  • Apple – $961.3
  • Microsoft – $946.5
  • – $916.1
  • Alphabet – $863.2
  • Berkshire Hathaway – $516.4
  • Facebook – $512
  • Alibaba – $480.8
  • Tencent Holdings – $472.1
  • JPMorgan Chase – $368.5
  • Johnson & Johnson – $366.2

Factors to be considered for retaining users with mobile app onboarding

  • Visibility in the market: Getting your company and brand name noticed in the market among the users and customers should be the priority. With small organizations coming up now and then, it has become very challenging to get your company noticed in the big world of marketing. The visibility leads to better results as the app starts getting noticed among the customers. An app can be created even before setting up a business to see what the market trends say and know the demands of the customers.
  • Trust of the customer: No target is achieved in business without winning the trust of the customers. A person comes in to buy something only if he has good trust in the company. Most of the revenue that comes into the organization is a result of the trust it has achieved among its customers. If at any point in time the trust is breached, it results in the loss of the company’s revenue and goodwill. Customers will come back only if their expectations are matched by the company and their queries are answered.
  • Quality: A company should never compromise on its quality as it would be seen in the wrong light of the company as a whole. To build an app’s reputation in the market, it is important for the company also to have a positive reputation which will help in customer retention. Compromising on the quality can affect a company hugely causing severe monetary losses, along with losing customers on the app.

 Ways to promote the app for user retention

  • It is recommended to spread positive word of mouth about the app so that maximum people talk about it and download it.
  • Keep it free and simple to download. Apps, which charge the customers usually don’t perform well in the long run and people end up deleting the apps. Forex. There are several news apps in the market, which provide news daily free of cost. A new news app that charges money will no way be able to survive in the market.
  • Social media marketing plays a pivotal role in promoting an app. Attach the link of the app from the app store while posting a post about the benefits that it provides to the customers on any social media platform including, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., to get feedback and maximum downloads. The new features that are added to the updated versions of the app should also be posted on social media so that people are well versed with them.
  • Addressing the user complaints will help create a friendly relationship with the customers and get to know the core areas that require more attention. It is always important to know what is going wrong and what additions the customers are looking forward to. The issues should be resolved timely and customers should be given feedback on their queries so that they don’t delete the app from their mobiles. You must set up a support team that looks into the issues of the users and can reply to them without wasting much time. There is a higher probability of people deleting the app in a short period if their questions are left unanswered, therefore, the support team should be prompt and capable when it comes to giving a response to the customer queries.
  • Information in mobile apps should be clear and crisp. Simple language should be used to give clarity on things. The complex language and structure of the app might not work in favor of user retention.
  • Customer-Centric training should be given to the app developers so that they create something that works best in favor of the users. It is also very essential to give a personal touch to the app so that you know what the users are looking for and what will satisfy their needs.
  • You must provide easy in-app messages that the customers can go to in case of any problems. Any update or important message should be sent to the users on the mail in the app itself.
  • Not always would a user have the time to fill in details in the sign-up or log-in form. It is recommended to fill in details automatically from the user’s Google or Facebook accounts. Screen size in a mobile phone is generally small which might make a user lose interest in signing up for an app, hence, it is always considered a wasteful activity.
  • Heavier chunks of information should be narrowed down to lighter, easier information. The rule of once screen, one concept should be applicable for the user to understand the entire information easily.
  • A feedback bar should be there to understand the nature of the user and if he is happy with the services of the app. Any addition should be made according to user satisfaction or feedback.
  • Users need time to understand all apps, hence, it is beneficial to have a tutorial for them to understand how to work on the app. Guided interaction is also beneficial. 

There are a lot of apps in the market that you might be competing with, and to stand a change among them is very crucial. Hence, it is advisable to create the most user-friendly app and update it regularly. It might be a difficult task to retain the users, but if you follow the rule of the simple app and crisp language, there might be fewer hindrances. Also, keep a look at the stats and analytics as it gives you important information about how well or bad the app is performing and the key areas that require more attention. 

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Arun Goyal is Managing Director at Octal IT Solution, leading Web & Mobile App Development company offering flexible hiring model to hire a dedicated developer for your business requirement.

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