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What is Pay N Play?

Online casino games can be enjoyed for free or on real money at hundreds of Internet operators. The vast majority of those who play online try the games for free, but ultimately make a deposit and play for real. There are plenty of payment methods to consider and Trustly is one of the reliable providers, known for faster transactions and low fees. It is this company that is behind the latest innovation in the iGaming industry, allowing players to use Pay N Play to deposit and play without registering an account.

How does Pay N Play work?

Most good mobile casino websites allow players to try the games for free without registering an account. The moment they decide they are ready to make the transition to real money gambling, they are expected to sign up. This used to be the rule, but things are about to change as Pay N Play allows punters to circumvent this previously unavoidable step. The pay-per-play facility makes it even easier for people to enjoy online gambling, as they can deposit funds from their online bank without going through the registration process.

Trustly is the company that powers Pay N Play and it uses its resources and experience to streamline the deposit process. Instead of requiring players to enter personal details to set up an account, they use their KYC information from the client’s bank account. This is sent directly to the casino, which allows the transaction while complying with the Know Your Client requirements. For the players, this is the perfect incentive to make the first deposit and try the games for free, to have a chance at winning real money.

In most cases, players who are uncertain about the quality of online casinos postpone the registration process. The arrival of Pay N Play should encourage people to try the games supplied by online operators, as they no longer have to go through the boring steps. The fact that gamblers have their information pre-checked means that the risk of underage gambling is also addressed. Trustly’s innovation has plenty of advantages and no obvious shortcomings, which explains its popularity in spite of its novelty.

Pay N Play builds on proven technology

Most online gamblers are just now getting familiar with Pay N Play, but the technology was developed back in 2015. The goal was to streamline the user experience while providing online casinos with the legal way of providing real money games faster. The new features implemented through the In-Banner Pay N Play system, further help with the processing of payments. Online casinos are expected to enjoy better conversion rates, by making real money gambling easily accessible.

Trustly has polished the Pay N Play technology over the last couple of years and it is still working on new areas of application. Now it is easier than ever to turn visitors into active users, as they no longer have to leave the game page to register an account.

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