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How you and your Family can be More Environmentally Friendly

Anyone who has been keeping tabs on the drastic climate change going on worldwide would know that our planet has seen better days. However, change begins with you and if you’re wishing for you and your family to transition into an eco-friendlier lifestyle, then start today. It is important to foster a love for our planet and all its inhabitants in your kids and other family members. Once you start paying attention to all the things you take for granted, there will be an immediate impact on how you look at your surroundings.

Starting something new can be stressful, especially with how busy our daily routines are. It is hard to squeeze in time to educate young ones about the environment and sustainability but, we have got a list of lifestyle changes and environmentally responsible ideas that can make your transition a whole lot easier.

1. Go Paperless

We are living in a technology-centered world where almost everything can be done digitally, so why not use it to reduce paper waste? You can easily opt to receive your monthly bills digitally which you can check on your phones, tabs or laptops. It is simple, effective and you are doing your part to save millions of trees.

Also, any used paper waste that you are planning to throw away should be stored away for your kid’s arts and crafts session. It is a fun and creative way of pushing your kid to be more environmentally friendly while learning the art of recycling.

2. Get Reusable Goods 

We have the habit of disposing off most of our daily use items which produce an excessive amount of waste. Using reusable items such as lunchboxes and mason jars can serve for a longer period of time and also save you from spending money on plastic lunch bags. You can purchase reusable shopping bags for grocery or thrift shopping to prevent plastic waste made during each trip. Wasteful generic plastic bags are non-biodegradable which means they are unable to decompose, therefore investing in canvas or reusable bags that are multipurpose can come in handy.

Similarly, instead of getting a new coffee cup from Starbucks each visit, purchase their reusable cup which also comes with a reusable straw. You can ask them to fill it with your desirable drink on the way to work, college or post-gym session and just wash it before using it again.

There are a lot of sustainable options available at supermarkets and online stores that can help you and your family explore eco-friendly yet economical alternatives to daily items.

3. Start Shopping Thrifty

It is definitely hard to make immediate changes to your lifestyle but starting small is always a suitable approach. Nowadays, people take pleasure in piecing outfits and collecting other items from their local or online thrift stores. Not only is it kind on your pocket, but you find a variety of articles and after a quick wash, they are almost as newly bought.

Moreover, you can also find some lovely antique household items, from tea sets and fancy silverware to lush-looking rugs and carpets. If you are worried about purchasing a carpet from a thrift store because it might carry dirt and dust, you can easily get it deep cleaned by professionals. Simply search up companies in your area that provide these services by adding your city name before the cleaning service required. For example, if you live in London you can search for London carpet cleaners and shortlist the company with the best reviews and relevant services. Your carpeting, after a pro deep clean, will start looking soft and vibrant in no time.

4. Plan your Meals

Food waste is also a growing issue on our planet today. A lot of fossil fuel is being used by farmers in order to produce our basic food items. If we start planning our meals for the week, we’d be able to control our grocery budget and cut down the total food waste produced in the household.

You can also opt to shop locally and seek farmer markets that grow their own produce to purchase fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs. Show support to your local farmers because they put in all the effort for us to have a fancy meal on our plate every night.

5. Volunteer Together

Your kids will never completely understand the importance of your teachings unless you tell them how they can contribute and help. Registering as a family for environmentally friendly projects can serve as an activity that helps your family to understand the significance of doing their part and it is a great bonding opportunity as well. Be it a beach clean-up, organizing a garage sale, working in a community garden or volunteering at a local farmer’s market; each of these is a great start to helping the planet and being more environmentally friendly.

6. Drive Less

While this is highly dependent on where you live, an easy way for families to be eco-friendly is by driving less. We depend on driving for even the smallest of distances so choosing to walk or cycling can be beneficial to your physical health and the environment. If you are driving to work or college every day, then try carpooling and splitting the gas money. This might require a little more strategizing but try to condense your weekly errands into one trip if you can decide on a day, as it saves you fuel and reduces your carbon footprint significantly.


No doubt, it can be tempting to choose convenience and luxury over going green but the long-term benefits on your health and environment are worth it. Engage in educational conversations with your family; watch an eco-friendly themed series like Planet Earth or do volunteer work. Each of these methods helps families to grow towards a more environmentally positive lifestyle that teaches us lifelong compassion for Earth. Plan to make this the year of progressive changes where even the smallest eco-friendly act leads you towards an economical and greener life.

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Shawn Mike has been working with writing challenging clients for over five years. His educational background in the technical field and business studies has given him the edge to write on many topics. He occasionally writes blog articles for Dynamologic Solutions.

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