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What Success Means For Bloggers

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Recently released some interesting statistics that showed that the URL-shortening service has benefited from the successes of Twitter and instant messaging. The service now boasts of almost 5 billion clicks per month and is the 76th most visited site on the internet according to Google’s latest Double Click ranking.

Just as in TinyURL and other URL shorteners, makes it possible for bloggers to add hyperlinks to articles, reviews and blog posts in order to fit into Twitter’s 140-character limit. It also offers additional features that allows user to track statistics on how many people clicked their links and the number of those who link to it.  Therefore, bloggers cannot only tweet massive URLs but also monitor how well their posts do either through its free or premium analytics tools.

Blogging and URL Shortening

These results show that the average blogger can take advantage of the increasing users of Twitter through URL shorteners such as and TinyURL to make their content accessible to millions of potential readers who otherwise may not know about them.

Blog owners who are interested in growing their readership should want to take advantage of any means by which to increase visitors and’s recent success has shown that there is a lot of potential in using URL shorteners in conjunction with micro-blogging sites.

Talking Point

Bloggers: How useful is Twitter  to you as a source of traffic?

Others: Do you ever visit shortened URLs in tweets or instant messages?

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