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What Are Cell Phone Batteries Made Of And How Do They Work?

Cell phones have become an incredibly vital communication device in modern society, so learning exactly how they are powered is a great idea.

What Makes Up a Cell Phone Battery?

While there are different structural components to a cell phone battery, most phones use lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are rechargeable and inexpensive. While these batteries look different from your typical household battery, they function in much the same way. They have a positive and a negative side, which is called an anode and cathode, respectively. Your cell phone battery works because it carries a white paste that instigates the chemical reactions that create an electric current to power your phone.

How Do Cell Phone Batteries Work?

While the battery reaction itself is a standard chemical process, the processes that dictate where the electric current goes inside your phone are much more complex. Your battery comes with a battery monitor. This monitor has minuscule electronic circuits to monitor the voltage and control it. If your voltage gets too intense, it will heat u your battery past its limits, and your phone could explode. This battery monitor is what assigns a percentage of charge to your phone. It both prevents the battery from being overcharged and undercharged.

Is It Easy to Get a Cell Phone Battery Replacement?

Getting a cell phone battery replacement is easier for some types of phones than for others. Apple products do not allow you to change the battery yourself. Unless you have some technical skills and don’t mind risking hurting your smartphone, you should send your phone in and pay a battery replacement fee. However, for most Android phones, the cell phone battery replacement process is much easier. Order a battery for your exact phone type online through a retailer like Amazon, take the case off the back of your phone, and pop in the new battery when it arrives. If you order a new battery online, be careful to look at the reviews and buy from a qualified retailer. Many electronic products are misleading in terms of quality and can even be dangerous.

How to Get Your Cell Phone Battery to Last a Long Time

Unfortunately, your phone’s battery life will decline over time. The more you use the battery, the more it loses its power and efficiency. The chemical reactions creating the voltage add layers of lithium to the electrodes each time. These layers add to the battery’s resistance. Batteries with high resistance need to work much harder to produce the voltage needed. Eventually, your battery’s ability will begin to fade. Luckily, this could be years. The average cell phone battery will last anywhere from two to three years.

Here are a few quick tips to help your battery reach its maximum potential.

  • You should avoid letting your phone overheat. Overheating drains the battery very quickly and can damage the battery long-term.
  • You should also occasionally let your battery drain to under 10%.
  • Use the charging adaptor made for your phone. Other power adaptors can damage your phone.

As of right now, lithium-ion batteries are the standard for mobile phones. These batteries are powerful and need proper maintenance. It is crucial to take good care of your battery, but you can always replace it if necessary.

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