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Web2print for Innovative Packaging – Challenges & Opportunities

Web2print refers basically to the practice of doing print business using an array of online tools that help to promote print providers and enable closer collaboration with their customers. Digital printing is evolving fast. Today, brands are looking to use digital print because of its growth and the advantages it offers over the traditional printing techniques used in the past.

What is Packaging & why it is important?

Packing is not just packaging! Some people think that packaging is not all that important, what’s important is the product. But, let me ask you one thing, will buy a product that does not have a packaging is just in a bottle or packet? No, because packaging talks more about the product, rather than just the product. So packaging is way more important than you can think of. It plays the most crucial role in the decision of the consumer. A packaging communicates a lot about the product & how it will benefit the consumer. It differentiates it from other brands.

You will not pick just any cold drink that is black in color, it has to have the label of “Pepsi”, “Coke”, the name and the packaging is what makes it more valuable. Packaging builds a brand trust in the consumer. It attracts the customers, helps in promotion, facilitates buying decision, & differentiates from the other brands and products.

The overall global packaging industry is worth $424 billion, growing at an annual rate of 3.5%. where the market share in Europe is 30%, North America is 28%, Latin America is 7%, Asia is 27% and Other Nations is 8%.

So the packaging industry is huge and printing plays a major role in packaging of the goods.

Print Industry & Packaging Industry

2016 has seen an amazing growth in the print industry, it has been a trend setter for many and some it has been their road to attain success.  There are many challenges and dependency on the print industry.

Innovative Packaging is the latest trend in FMCG marketing and the inline digital printing solutions meets these supple marketing needs. Packaging Printers have two major challenges one is wasted time and the other is increased costs. Web2print has been a game changer in the packaging market.

Smithers Pira forecasts that the digital print for packaging market will grow by an average CAGR of 13.6% in constant value (real) terms to 2020, with print volume CAGR of 16.2% globally. Labels account for 80.5% of this value and 93.5% of the printed volume in 2015 but this is changing as new digital equipment to print for cartons, corrugated, flexibles, rigid plastics and metal packaging is introduced.

Digital packaging is the hottest industry sectors today. Seeing this growth the equipment suppliers have started making equipment for cartons, rigids, flexes, etc.

What are the challenges faced until now?

There are, though, a few challenges for Packaging industry.

  • Transformation in technology is very rapid.
  • There is scarcity of raw material.
  •  The cost of raw material is ever-increasing.
  • Hiring skilled manpower is pricey.
  • Lack of advanced technology.
  • Zero Commitment to quality standards.
  • Dwindling profit margins.

Opportunities for the Print Industry

Digital print can be a great way to open a plethora of new applications with the brands, designers and converters. The reason there are so many opportunities in it is because it has the ability to grow and offer to these brands and retailer new features personalization and add content keep in mind the target audience. The added advantage is that with the web2print there will lesser wastage of paper and time. Once the digital printing comes into picture for packaging the supply and change market will change forever. The workflow and the speed of the production will increase and getting feedback will be a faster process than ever before.

Another set of opportunity is that the designers can use the design tool to show their creativity. Where the design tool allows you to save the designs for future use, you can also use them for comparison. With web2print you will allow the customers to look at the product differently when they get to see amazing and beautiful designs and packaging materials on the product.

Opting to choose web2print for packaging will ease the workflow as it inlvolves the following:

  • E-procurement of artwork via electronic storefront
  • Submission of Electronic File
  • File Management
  • Online artwork with design tool
  • Offering customized quotes to customers
  • Live Price Quotes
  • E-mail/Online Proofing
  • Artwork approval via emails and notifications
  • Online job tracking
  • Managing shipping and payment process
  • Options of customer account

Let’s say for example, you order something online, but the fulfillment company is different. Most of the times if it’s a local vendor he will not bother about the packaging material, but brands like Amazon & Flipkart are the biggest example of packaging. Whoever be the vendor you will receive a product in the packaging material of Amazon. And that is how you will always remember the brand.

This is why packaging is very important for branding & marketing and printing industry plays a major role in packaging industry. Earlier it was traditional printing, but today web to print makes it easier and more creative to get the packaging printing done.

Future of Web2Print in Packaging

The growth of web2print is not a secret to anyone. It has been a game changer for these label and packaging industries. It can add value to your product and open new doors of success. With new technologies entering the market the growth in web2print for packaging is accelerating. Compound annual growth rates in market values averaging 9.1% are predicted to 2022 when the market will be valued at $20.6 billion.

This area offers you with the prospect to listen to your customers, learn from the mistakes you make and explore to make something better in each feature depending on the requirements.  Today where there some packaging firms still using the traditional printing slowly everyone is moving to the digital world.


Digital printing is evolving fast. Today brands are looking to use digital print because of its growth and the advantages it offers over the traditional printing techniques used in the past. Digital packaging is the hottest industry sectors today. Seeing this growth the equipment suppliers have started making equipment for cartons, rigids, flexes, etc. 

Written By

This is Amy Watson works for Design’N’Buy, a leader in Web2Print software solution. She has more than 5 years of experience in product customization software. She has just research, analysed and introduced about web-to-print product customize software to use anytime from anywhere.

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