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Top Five Rules of Designing a Responsive Website

In this century any business that’s running without a web-based application is probably missing out on a chunk of prospective buyers. As it turns out many customers today are enjoying easy search and online buys as most of them have smart devices that can remotely access ideal network services without having to work with huge desktops and PCs.

Even so if a business chooses to use web based applications and also create their own online site to market, sell, advertise, or create content for more marketing they should be able to understand the rules of the game. According to b2b pardot website design near Swansea the rules of the game are often simple. They include these top five that we have here.

Speed is Crucial – Skate thru the Net

This is no secret. Every gamer should understand this. No consumer loves a sluggish or slow network. If your visitor clicks on your link and it takes over three seconds they could just walk off and visit your competitor’s website. The best websites would load somewhere between 4 to 8 seconds over 10 years back. Today anything under 4 second is the real deal for a responsive site.

Portions not Pixels – Always Remember This

The implementation of a fluid grid is indeed one of the toughest sections of designing a highly responsive website especially for business. The good thing however is, this is entirely achievable. If you use CSS3, you will be able to display excellent content from different viewpoints. So set a maximum layout size and then define the widths and heights by proportions.

Think Mobile – Eat Mobile – Dream Mobile

Think about like this, if over three quarters of your customers are on smart devices, why should they wait for the long queue behind online PCs? No more cyber thoughts? Good go mobile and tap every potential customer that walks by. Save yourself from high bounce rates and start by automating your website for easy mobile phone browsing, buying, and content creation always.

Work from the User’s Perspective Always

If you can save a page, why put it out there? The fewer the HTTP requests the better the speed, the more convenient the views, and the more ideal the user experience. Always remember to tone down the number of HTTP requests by making sure that your pages are on scroll down or that they are cut down as much as you can. B2b webagency advocates the use of simple headlines too.

Work with the Experts

This might look really simple but trust me it is the most important of all. If you employ someone that understands how web design works and one that has enough experience with the job then you should be able to enjoy a great and most probably a highly inclusive web design. Get an expert who is properly trained and one who has enough experience on designing responsive websites.

Working from the user’s perspective allows you to develop a design that favors the user. You can easily enjoy how users interact differently with different type of websites. This makes it really easy to design a highly responsive design.

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I'm James Anderson, a successful content marketer. My passion is helping people in all aspects of online marketing. I love reading on beach and hiking up a mountain. I live simply but give generously.

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