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Is it time to send your kids to school? Choose carefully.

What do you think of a school?

I got a common answer from the mass. According to them, a school should have well psychometric properties. It must be sensitive to notable differences. A book named Handbook of Child Psychology, Child Psychology in Practice has depicted that by the onset of kindergarten, many children hold negative perceptions about a school. It happens due to the assessment of their subject grabbing abilities by the teachers in a formal and same way for all.

Every child is unique with different characteristics. Therefore, a school must take care of every kid discretely for their physical and mental well-being. By the age of five, kids can sense the environment and its goods and bads. They can tell us what is bothering them in school, though in not-so-clear sentences. We, as parents, need to concentrate over this to clear up the mess.

I know that parenting is a Herculean charge. We load high responsibilities on our shoulders. It takes all our sweat and blood to check our joyous wonders right from the time when we, especially mothers, feel the little clinch in our belly up to the time when our beauties and chaps blow out the eighteenth candle on their birthday cakes. Our sweeties ultimately depend on us while growing up that successfully. So, we must take care of our choices gracefully when it comes to their education.

Schooling is the most important part of a child’s life. It is the second home for him where he is going to get all the needed education along with etiquettes and other extra curriculums. Now here comes the biggest challenge for us.  Stepping on the road, we encounter a plethora of play schools and kindergartens and get bewildered to pick the ideal one. Do not go overboard and keep it uncomplicated. Only a few things are needed to bear in mind.

1.    Research

Give your investigative mind a chill pill and do a thorough exploration both online and offline regarding preschools and kindergartens. Always keep one thing in mind as Shakespeare has famously told:” What’s in a name?” It works for schools also. Hearing tittle-tattle? Don’t pay heed. Go as per your own kid’s requirements. Never trust others to do the job for you.

2.    A security check

Scrutinize the safety provision of the school you have selected. It is a sine qua non. If you are an extrovert, go and talk to other guardians whose children study in the same school. Ask them about the security factors. Have a nice chat with the principal regarding the same. After all, these days, innocent souls are not spared by evil minds. If the school you selected has CCTV facility, it is the advancement.

3.    Environmental fathom

Look for the indoor as well as the outdoor activities the school is providing. The physical development of the child is majorly dependent on an enthusiastic and joyful environment. Physical education, music, dance, drama, etc. gives a sparkling boost to the creative minds of your kids.

4.    Charges

Learning in a well-reputed school costs a bomb.  Always discuss with your partner about the related costs attached with your child’s education. If you are a single parent, take the decision alone. You can take help of a money manager or an experienced person. Choose wisely and see whether you can afford the cost throughout the session. Always ask the representative of the school about the inclusions in their fee structure.

I know that you wish to give your best to your golden piece of heart. But dear parents! You have other duties and responsibilities too for your family that you cannot deny. Saving for the future is going to benefit both of you and your child.

5.    Location

It is certainly important as your ward is a toddler and can have problems reaching far distant schools. Moreover, accounting the traffic in the cities, it can be the make-or-break decision for you. If the playschool offers a facility of pick up and drop, it is fine, but if you are the one who is going to take the hurdles, better check for a convenient location.

6.    Hygiene

You have a kid who is sensitive enough to catch diseases easily. Check the pantry, washrooms, classrooms, gardens, pathways, etc. and audit on the cleanliness.

7.    Accreditation and Qualifications

You are spending a hefty amount on your child’s education. Verify the accreditation and the background of the selected school. See whether it meets the standards of a preschool under the Early Childhood Care and Education [ECCE] policy. Confirm the staffs and the principal’s qualifications and certification. Find out the teacher-student ratio. Scrutinize their behaviors and stalk their education level to get if they are efficient enough to take care of a small child.

Moms and dads! This is just the beginning. It is a grilling task to find the best school. Your intelligence, hard work and proper inspection of the school will take your child to the way of glorifying victory in the future.

Feel free to comment with your views. Thank you.

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Rima is an ardent writer and an awe-inspiring fitness trainer. She surmises in expressing through her mind that has been penned down in her writings. She has maintained her sportsmanship through regular martial arts and swimming. A beautiful mind and a glowing soul shine eternity as per her stance.



  1. Andrew

    June 26, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    This is a really imperative one for parents and students. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Emery Ocampo

    February 12, 2019 at 2:09 am

    The content in this article is something parents should really be taking into consideration as this will immensely help them in choosing the right school for their child. Thank you for sharing, very helpful and informative!

  3. Jen Gutz

    November 10, 2021 at 9:07 am

    This is great!

    Thank you for sharing this. I am actually thinking of enrolling my child in an international school here in the Philippines, and I came across your article and still thinking if I will enroll her for the next school year. Hope you can share more articles like this ‘coz it really is very helpful for parents like me. More power to your blog.

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