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Why Web Design Is Essential For Your Business

Take a moment to think about some websites you frequent. Most likely, they provide you with information you need or desire, and they do so in a fast and easy way.

Even if you weren’t familiar with the site already, you should be able to navigate easily through it. That’s good web design. Now the question is: Why is that important for your business?

Ease of access

As long as you’ve got a page on the web, you’re golden. There’s no need to fancy it up with all those toolbars, links, or buttons.

It’s got all it needs with just the information you have on it, right? Well, not really. Nobody likes to have to go through page after page to find what they want.

Good web design will feature ease of access, and be designed with the user in mind. If people can’t find the information they came for quickly and easily, perhaps it might be time to rethink how important web design is.


Don’t make the mistake of leaving your website a cluttered mess. If your organization is professional, then its online presentation should be organized just as professionally.

Even if it isn’t professional, organizing it will definitely help your operations in the longer run. As with meeting people, the first impression is important. Do you want the first impression people have of your website to be a messy, cluttered wreck?


Yes, yes, it’s what’s inside that counts and all that. The truth is that the look of your website will affect people’s first impression as much as, if not more than, the organization of that same site.

The Internet is a visual medium, and people aren’t going to like a site that looks like garbage, even if it’s well-organized and informative garbage. It’d be a horrible, horrible mistake if you put so much more into the appearance of your website, that it suffered in its organization or ease of access.

You’ll need to balance all three, and balance them well.

The importance

As time passes, more people are doing a lot more of their business online, whether they’re shopping online, booking their vacation, or doing their taxes. As a result of so much information being so readily available, though, the attention span of the average person has diminished.

That’s why a good grasp of both SEO and web design is needed to keep your feet in the proverbial pond of business. The importance of web design comes to the fore once people are on your site.

You don’t pay $10 for a pizza when you could pay the same at the restaurant down the street and get two. It’s the same for your site. If your site isn’t appealing to those who visit, why should they have anything to do with you when there are so many other, and seemingly better, options out there?

But here’s one final aspect to consider with regard to your site’s design. Nobody likes an unfriendly customer or employee, so it stands to reason that nobody will like your website if it isn’t user-friendly.

In fact, this is probably what you need to get down to business first, since it’ll have the most impact. Even if your company’s at the top of the search results and looks amazing, if it’s difficult to navigate and hard to find information on your site, people will simply go elsewhere.

So not only will you need good SEO, but you’ll also need to create a user-friendly website with a good design as well.

Sounds rough, right? It can be, but it can be a lot easier if you hire pros in the field. And lucky for you, Supple Solutions are experts in everything you’ll need. Web design, web development, SEO, and more!

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Ajit Nayak is a creative Digital Marketing Expert at Supple Solutions, a leading Website design, development, eCommerce solutions and online marketing Company based in Melbourne. He has a background in SEO, web and interface design, web development, content marketing, PPC, affiliate marketing, content writing, etc.

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