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Solutions for Commercial Fleets

A commercial fleet needs careful management, and with modern computerised systems things are much easier than they were. There are several potential problems relating to the management of fleets, and all can have a detrimental effect on the cost of running; by using 21st century digital management systems you can ensure that you get the very best out of your fleet at all times. Monitoring devices fitted to vehicles are not a new concept, but those associated with modern day solutions for commercial fleets are far more sophisticated than ever before. Today’s fleet manager has the ability to see what is going on, and where, at all times.

commercial fleets

Perhaps of the most interest in the first instance is the concept of automatic vehicle identification; a small transmitter is fitted to the vehicle and also to the dispensers used or fuelling the vehicle. When fuelling commences, the pump recognises the individual vehicle. If it fails to recognise the vehicle, it will not dispense the fuel. Furthermore, if after refuelling a second vehicle attempts to cash in and steal fuel the pump will also shut down. Clever systems such as these are extremely useful in keeping fuel theft – once quite commonplace – in check, and there are further uses to the system.

The vehicle identification system is also considered one of the most important services for oil companies; fuel theft was once a major problem that affected the revenue of commercial stations, but by using this system it can be eliminated. However, there are further functions available from management solutions for fleets that add to the cost-effectiveness of the running of the fleet.

For example, it is possible to use the digital system to impose a limit on the amount of fuel a vehicle can take on board. This has clear implications for cost over time, and will encourage economy rather than expenditure. This can also apply to the fuelling station, if the system is fitted there, where wastage and needless use of fuel can be effectively controlled at source. Integrated systems that allow for smooth communication between vehicles, the fuel station, the base unit and the retail centres makes for a more efficient operation of what is an expensive part of the business, thereby further increasing cost effectiveness and adding to the revenue as a result.

With digital solutions available for all areas of fleet management it is clear that this area of the business model is able to be well-managed; wireless technology has allowed for more versatile systems and greater communications, and the ability to produce detailed reports of fuel usage and expenditure means that management can more accurately produce projected fuel costs for future deliveries and fleet management expenditure.

With reduced waste all round and a more effective management of journeys there is plenty of scope for savings, and investment in the system is sure to be covered by the cost savings that will be made thanks to accurate and detailed analysis. If you are running a fleet and are looking to make improvements to the way you go about it it is highly recommended you take a closer look at digital fleet management systems, and consider that the efficiency of your fleet coupled with the high cost of fuel could result in considerable cost savings.

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