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Photo Retouching Adds Life and Beauty to Images Used for Magazines and Advertisements

Photo Retouching for Magazine

They say “a camera never lies” – yes, it never. It captures everything, right from emotions to the beauty of that very moment. And not to forget that it even captures those imperfections, which we try really hard to hide; and so goes the saying!

No award winning photographer, even with those extremely advanced camera kits, can assure a perfect shot – every time. There are at times those blurry or shaky images, playing a spoilsport and ruining the beauty that a photographer intends to capture. There are numerous reasons for not getting “Oh-so-perfect” shot; ranging from poor lighting, to bad color contrasts to photo bombing to red eyes…the list is endless.

The second challenge is that it is not at all feasible to call for a photoshoot again – every time if there are problems with photographs. Especially when these pictures are for a magazine or billboard advertisements; time and budget constraints makes it more challenging a task to go for a reshoot. In such situations, image editing and retouching experts are your saviors.

Though, often heavily criticized and accused of altering the reality by showing “unrealistically beautiful” women on magazine covers or billboards; one can certainly not take away the credit from photo retouching experts for actually making the model look glamorous, yet real!

There have been times, when photo editing has gone over board; but still you cannot deny that a little retouching is essential. Ask yourself and answer frankly, would you go for a brand that has wrinkled or too-tanned model. You may confess or not, we know that the answer is a big No. It is with the help of a professional and skillful image editing service provider, that you can actually make most of these “imperfections” disappear.

Before, we get into questions like whether it is ethical or good or really required; let me tell you that photo retouching is an art which helps in creating high-quality and flawless photographs. It simply highlights the quality and hides the flaws of the model or product in the photo. In fashion or beauty magazines; little blemish or uneven skin tone is enough to ruin the photo and apparently affect the brand and product sales.

So, even if you make sure that the picture is taken from best possible angle; blemishes, red eyes and uneven skin tones; tend to surface. And removing it to make the picture worth-looking is definitely not a bad idea and print media precisely would want this to be done by a professional image editor. In fact, it is kind of a practical arrangement; wherein you can skip expensive photo reshoots.

Now, this explains why most fashion magazines are in love with photo retouching, since it allows them to choose a model for their inherent qualities, without worrying about the flaws (and extra photo-shoots).

Image editing service can tackle such (technical) flaws, and allow your magazine and brand to gain a competitive edge.

Color Enhancement

Bad lighting ensures that the colors are not accentuated as they should. Well, photo editing services can fix it. They correct the color and give it an appeal by highlighting the shades appropriately.

Removal of Red Eyes

The most irritating and commonplace problem, models tend to look like those ghosts straight out of a horror show. Image retouching, however, make it disappear – successfully.

Repairs Blurry Image

Pictures may be unclear, blurred or shadowy; there are various sharpening tools that are used to make astonishing changes to make images better. This means no more blurry or shadowy images.

Forget Bad Light

Even if the images are taken during broad day light or under flash lights, photo editing fixes the lighting problems with flair. You can make the pictures lighter or darker as per your requirements.

No more Photo-Bombing

Everything is just fine and you almost got that perfect shot when you’re suddenly realize that something/someone is lurking in the background. That someone or something photo-bombed it and spoiled it. Now what, well, you can certainly get rid of it with help photo editing services. A proficient photo editor will make unwanted object or person disappear; as it was not there at all.

Whether you got the cover photos clicked by some amateur or by a hard-core professional with years of experience; at times your images might get a little hazy, blurred, due to bad lighting or noises. It is certainly possible to transform these not-very-well clicked photographs to a prefect and professional looking, ready to use – on your magazine covers or advertisements. Photo retouching adds life and beauty to such not-very-perfect-shots!

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Ritesh Sanghani is a Director at Hi-Tech BPO and a passionate writer with experience of 10+ years of in Business Process Outsourcing.

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