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Visme Web App: A Review

One of the most powerful tools when it comes to content and search engine optimisation is infographics. It’s 2014 and there is no doubt that if you are worried about getting more web traffic you must have heard about the wonders infographics can do for your website. Likewise, in modern web design, a lot of emphasis are being placed on the importance of web graphics and how they must be visually appealing and engaging. However, when it comes to the creation and development of interactive online content such as those highlighted above, many of us are handicapped by the fact that the necessary skill and experience of being a professional designer is probably lacking. Indeed, it is one thing to be able to put together a few images in Photoshop but another to prepare an aesthetically-pleasing design without prior knowledge. That is where Visme comes in.


While several software applications have attempted to solve this problem by devising solutions that would help the average person translate ideas into modern graphics, there appears to be none quite like the Visme web app. What this app does is empower a novice designer to someone who can create professional, inspirational and interactive presentations, infographics, animation, product demos, and banner ads that others will find engaging. When it comes to creating quality personalised content, Visme is simple, easy to use and flexible. Based on over two years of development and feedback from more than 65,000 beta users, Visme has the power to inspire not just the user but also the target audience.

Top Visme Features

One of the best things about Visme web tool is its multi-functionality which earned it the nickname “The Swiss Knife of Visual Content”.  Indeed, the Visme app has a combination of many unique features and characteristics that set it apart from other similar tools, as highlighted below.

Ease of Use: Unlike other tools that are often complicated, Visme allow users to create visual content with a great deal of flexibility, simplicity and personalisation. It’s intuitive interface also makes it possible to create complex infographics, animations and presentations with little or no coding or graphics design experience.


Animation Engine: Users can make virtually any object interactive by adding motion via Visme’s powerful animation engine. In addition, the various positions of objects can be adjusted through Visme’s comprehensive Objects list.

Visme-Animate-Object (1)


Multiple Assets: There are millions of online assets to go with any application of your liking. These include shapes, lines, arrows, web icons, and so on.


Fonts: Visme has more than 100 professional (and mostly free) fonts that can be applied to all text objects through drag and drop. This particular tool is very flexible and anyone with basic experience of using a text editor can take full advantage.

Visme-Fonts (2)

Charts & Infographics: Through a host of infograph and chart widget tools, users can turn ordinary data and numbers into dynamic, easier to understand visuals or infographics. Furthermore, charts can be generated from imported spreadsheet data.


Slide Decks: Unlimited number of slide decks and presentations can be created on the go for both online and/or offline use. in addition, users can download their presentations to use at any time of their choosing.


Visme Pricing

When it comes to pricing or affordability, Visme trumps all. This is because Visme is free to use. Infact, it takes just a few seconds to register and create your first project so as to take advantage of most of its features. However, note that although most features are free to use, premium features are also available. These include the ability to download projects for offline use, password protection, access to premium widgets and templates. Pricing for premium packages start at less than $5 per month. See below for full details.


How To Use Visme

A wide range of users will find Visme useful depending on their needs. For example, bloggers can use it for creating infographics, students for presentation, businesses for animations, marketers for creating banners and so on. Whether you choose to work on a blank canvas,  or a professional template, this Web app tool is very easy to use, as shown in the video above.

Following content creation, users can easily publish or share online by simply embedding to a website or downloading their content as an image, PDF or HTML

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