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Trends in Database Design in the Cloud

If you have been looking for secure and convenient database storage, you must have come across cloud database storage.  It provides an unlimited resource to store your data and ensures it is easily accessible to your employees wherever they might be in the world.

Cloud Limits Explained

Like any other databases, cloud-based applications offer versatility but in a greater way. You can choose type of architecture, number of databases to use as well as myriad options in architecture. The problem with the flexibility offered by a cloud is that it can sometimes lead to hitting a limit even on this platform.

Pertinent Issues around the Cloud

If you are using the public cloud there are some pertinent issues that you need to appreciate. As a business entrepreneur,you might not notice them easily especially if you have opted to use remote dba services to manage your database administration.

These issues include:

  • Remote hosting: This is not only one of the main features but also a major benefit of cloud hosting. Your database will not need hosting on your premises but users will be able to assess it without any problem.
  • Multi-cloud architecture: As time passes, the cloud is growing more sophisticated. For example aspects of the data can be hosted on the cloud, on premise, and even on multiple clouds. The database design must thereforebe around the use of these different clouds.
  • Use of cloud-based APIs: For the data on the cloud to be accessible, you need APIs. As such, the construction of systems based on the cloud must consider this to make it easy for the data to be used and re-used by multiple applications.

From this insight, it is obvious that designing of new databases will need new rules. Some of these rules include:

  • Avoid coupling of applications to databases: This was a once a short cut that web developers could not resist but it is now unviable. Databases should be independent entities if you want optimal performance from your database.
  • Security as an integral part of the cloud database: Unlike the hitherto databases where governance and security were layered onto the database, you must incorporate security function into the design. More importantly, you must plan on its leverage in future as well as how your data will be governed.
  • Distribute your data: You should incorporate easy and elastic distribution mechanisms to make it easier for users to access your data. It makes it easier to scale up database operations and impress those assessing your e-commerce website with its high performance.

If you are planning to move to the cloud-based database, it is high time you consulted a remote database administrator. It is true you might have an in-house IT specialist but thesedba experts understand these changing cloud rules in detail.

As you search for DBA partners, it is ideal to look for long experience, training and suitability of their skills to your business. Most importantly, they need to be well-versed in all issues surrounding cloud databases in order to help your business move seamlessly.

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Sujain is a professional writer. Currently, she is working for reputed website - She is an experienced IT professional with years of experience handling remote dba services.



  1. Mathew Clark

    December 9, 2014 at 10:38 am

    Nice Post Sujain..!!
    In general, when you’re designing a database, you’re doing what makes logical sense from a consistency and integrity view point. If you do that, you’ll end up with a normalized structure. So most of the remote dba expert uses different database design to work on with the cloud. It is very important to note all the points available in this post.
    Thanks a lot for this information.

  2. Andrew thompson

    September 5, 2015 at 8:07 am

    Great article Sujain. Wonderful to read! As you mentioned in article about pertinent issues around the cloud which brings article some interest to read. Whenever any body looks for remote dba services he must take care of the points you have described in the article. Ilike the point “Security as an integral part of the cloud database” which you explained beautifully which can be understand by general readers as well. Good to read your post Keep sharing such posts in future. Thanks!

  3. Alexander Fernandise

    September 16, 2015 at 7:18 am

    Nice article!! Thanks a lot for sharing the article . This article explained about Trend in a Database Designing in the Cloud. If you face any problem during the Database Design then you can take help of experts available at remote dba support.Looking for more post in future.I would surely share with this colleague.

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