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Viking Haircut Ideas For True Warriors Inside And Out

Can you imagine a more virile men’s hair look than a Viking haircut? We neither. Thus, you may want to know how to pull it off successfully. Before you rush into combing through the Internet, we have good news for you. If you check out our guide, you will find all the necessary info to get this masculine hairstyle. So, wait no longer to let your inner warrior out.

Top 10 Viking Haircuts That You Will Want To Recreate

Luckily, there are so many Viking haircut styles that even the pickiest guys will be able to find the look that resonates with them. You can see it for yourself on our website – MensHaircuts. For the list of the top-notch warrior cuts, keep on reading.
Rugged Long Hair With Side Braid

If you were to describe the appearance of a Viking with one word, it would most likely be rugged. Their every feature just screams masculinity and strength, from a coarse beard and rough long mane to piercing eyes and a strong jaw.

Temple Shave Undercut

One of the most popular ways to wear a Viking haircut is long on top short on the sides. Of course, this is not a classic long top short sides haircut. You should let your hair grow really long to achieve this look and then get the sides shaved. For an added contrast and emphasis, you can also enhance the look with an undercut.

Shaved Head and Beard 

You were not blessed with a full head of hair? Or maybe, you are simply not a big fan of long locks? No worries. You can still pull off a Viking. Though you will still need to grow some hair but in this case on your face. A full coarse beard and a clean-shaven head are another common combo that creates an iconic Viking look.

Slicked Back Ponytail

A slicked back pony is a modern take on a traditional Viking haircut. While it gives you a polished and refined appearance, it still possesses that severe warrior vibe inherent in Vikings. If you think that a ponytail lacks masculinity, then add a surefire sign of manhood – a long thick beard.

Full Mohawk With Enormous Rounded Beard

To take your Viking look to the highest bad boy degree, consider getting a mohawk haircut on top. However, as an original punk mohawk is fanned, it may not give you a complete warrior style. Thus, take care to leave a thicker strip of hair on top while having the sides shaved.

Top Knot With Undercut

An undercut top knot is another widely common way to channel the Viking style. One of its main advantages is that it also provides you with a hipster aesthetic, thus allowing you to nail two popular hair trends with one hair look. And, of course, do not forget to accompany it by a fair amount of facial hair.

Messy Man Bun With Savage Beard

Man buns are still one of the trendiest male hairstyles. They are especially favored by men whose hair is thick and long. What makes it so popular is the fact that in addition to being low maintenance and practical, a men bun looks chic and classy just on anyone.

Braided Part and Undercut

Braids are known to be a signature feature of Viking hairstyles. To give it a modern feel, instead of traditional Viking braids, go for a braided part. This simple element will help you to achieve a neat and tidy silhouette for your rough lion mane. If you want to make it the focal point of the look, get an undercut haircut on the sides.

Low Ponytail With Goatee

When it comes to a warrior look that is effortless yet impactful, a low pony is always a good idea. Stylish and elegant, it looks appropriate whether you are having dinner with friends, going to work or attending a fancy event. A great accompaniment to this hairstyle would be a goatee.

Long Hair With Beard

Wearing long tresses loose does not mean that your hairstyle immediately becomes Viking. But, if you team it with a thick beard, your look will gain a ton of attitude. In addition to that, make sure to give your hair texture by applying a sea salt spray in case naturally you lack it.

Do you still think that to nail a Viking haircut, you need to grow your hair ages or wear a scruffy long beard? We believe not. As can be seen, there are so many warrior cuts and styles that you can easily match your hair look to any ambiance as well as outfit.

Source: MensHaircuts

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