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Most interesting AI projects in 2020

AI has been one of the fastest developing technologies for the past few years. Now it is already present in many industries and is improving the work of thousands of professionals around the globe. Read the article below to check out the top AI projects in 2020.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence app development is based on technology that makes machines capable of performing tasks which usually require human intelligence. Such machines can process data, learn from experience and simply imitate human behaviour in many aspects. They are equipped with algorithms that are first designed by humans but are later able to perform intelligent behaviours independently. They make reasonable decisions, predict long-term consequences and even complete particular tasks faster and more accurately than humans. Artificial intelligence app development (Miquido) is already present in a number of industries like healthcare, marketing, e-commerce and finance. It is used mostly for automation, but also education and entertainment.

Top AI projects in 2020

As there are already dozens of significant examples of using AI, below you can find our subjective list of the most interesting AI projects in 2020.


CloudWalk is a company providing facial recognition solutions based on biometric data identification. They provide their services mostly for the public, financial, and aviation sectors, as well as simply everywhere where facial scanning and recognition is used and needed.

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is a solution dedicated to Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It develops software bots that improve overall automation of repetitive tasks, which helps managers focus on core business activities and increase productivity in their teams.


Darktrace is a company focused on AI solutions for cybersecurity. Darktrace products use self-learning algorithms to identify and detect cyber threats and to protect networks and systems against them.


TuSimple enables trucks to self-drive. Their vehicles are able to operate autonomously on almost every type of street or highway. They are equipped with accessories ensuring safety and control, like radar and cameras. The TuSimple solution helps reduce transportation costs and carbon emissions.


Unisound specializes in IoT technologies, particularly speech and voice processing. They have built a cloud computing platform, robots and smart devices able to provide speech recognition for the healthcare, education and communication industries.


Freenome provides solutions for the biotechnology industry that help diagnose cancer. They develop innovative technologies based on a blood test, detecting a number of diseases. Their machine learning techniques are used for both diagnosis and treatments.

How to use AI

If you need support implementing AI or designing AI products, we highly recommend contacting a professional artificial intelligence development company. They will provide you with their expertise and help you design solutions that best match your product and business needs.

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