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Useful Tips For Building Your Own Niche Site With A Website Creator

Starting your own niche website is one way to capitalize on what you know, or do. Starting your own site may at first sound a bit scary though, and that often scares people away from sharing their expertise using this medium. There’s no need to be nervous though, building a website is easier than ever lately thanks to powerful website builders that do most of the difficult work for you.

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Here are some tips for finding the perfect website creator and building a successful niche site.

Creating Your Own Domain Name

When you’re creating a website that is going to be specialized in a particular area, being able to choose your own domain name is vital. For example, if you’re an expert with Mac computers you will want to be able to choose a name that expresses that. Many free website builders such as IM Creator allow you to pick your own domain name, at a price, with special bundles that include a reasonable hosting package to get you up and running in no time.

Make it Standout With the Right Template

It’s very important when making a niche website to be able to choose from a variety of templates that fit what you’re selling or talking about. When you find a website creator, check out their templates to see what they have available. If you don’t see what you want, remember that it may be that you need to sign up with them so that you can see all of what they offer. If you do sign up, it’s usually completely free, so you won’t have to worry about your credit card being charged if you forget to cancel the account if they don’t have what you want.

SEO So Your Audience Will Find You

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is important for any website, especially a niche one. Many site creators now include help for optimizing your site for search engines; just check through their information to see if that’s something that’s included. You can also contact them if you don’t see it offered, however, most creation sites now offer SEO assistance and you’ll see it once you begin setting up your website. They also offer assistance on what to do to help your website be found easier by search engines, but a little extra reading on the subject can never hurt.

Website Monetization

Making money with your special knowledge or gift is usually the purpose for creating a niche website in the first place, so being able to monetize it is important. One of the top ways to make money from your specialty website would be by having someone pay you for what you know. Consider yourself an online consultant, you can charge a small fee for others to access what it is you have to share. Other ways to make money from your site include: in-text adlinks, Google Adsense, or by using affiliate marketing through a network like Commission Junction or Viglink.

When using any of these methods, make sure they are related to your core topic since your visitors will not only ignore anything that’s off-beat but also regard your site and business as irrelevant and even annoying. Monetization works best when your ads and content is targeted and provides useful value for your visitors.


Starting your own website, even with a builder, can be at least a little nerve-wracking; that’s why it’s very important that whichever service you choose to help build your site has really good, really fast, and very free, support. Look through the site and make sure that they have tutorials, forums, and most important, a customer service support email, phone number or chat. Even though this is the easiest way to make your own website, you will certainly require a little help with certain topics at one time or another.

Final Tips

Building your own site doesn’t have to be difficult if the service you use to create it has all the right tools. Making sure that you can use your own domain name, can monetize it, and find the support you need when necessary, are all very important so ensure they, and the other things mentioned earlier, are included. Lastly, remember that whatever it is that you specialize in don’t try to oversell it when you’re sharing your specialty. Your focus should be on building relationships with your audience as you would with a friend, building trust while offering value and in the end your site or products will sell itself.

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1 Comment

  1. raja

    September 19, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    thanks for sharing such a nice post. if I change my BlogSpot domain does it effect the previous page views? I am a newbie

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