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Improve Your Website CTR With The Help Of The Right Colors

Color plays a crucial role in emoting what the website is talking about. But for many, the significance of each color is not very clear. To clear off the ambiguities it is best to catch up with this post. This post has the solutions that you have been looking for.

color scheme for web design

There are millions of websites across the web but only a handful of them manage to grab your attention. Ever wondered what are they doing differently because of which people remember their websites? Well, there is no need to put on the thinking cap because the answer is very simple and is around you. Just that you are unable to see it – color. Yes, colors can brighten up an otherwise drab looking website. So create an intriguing maze of colors in your website to keep them hooked on it.

But you cannot make your website look like a pool of colors, the color you choose needs to blend well with what your website is dealing with. So you need to know the colors that suit a particular genre. Don’t worry, because it is not rocket science. Stay tuned, stay informed.

Know Your Color for Creating that Perfect Website that will make Eyes Sit Up and Look at You

It is important that your website is using the right color to convey the right message to its target audience. You cannot shout from rooftops, can you? So choose your color wisely so that your clients understand without you taking the trouble of telling them. A quick breakdown of the significance of each color.

  • Red – We all know red is all about love and passion, but that is not the message that this color conveys when using in a website. Strange but true. When using for a website, this color is all about creating a mystery about the website. That’s not all, this is the color that is extensively used to show warning signs or conveying adventure in the form of trekking or camping.
  • Blue – Blue is the warmest color that conveys everything positive. Blue is all about calmness, creates a sense of trust, a strong sense of commitment towards professionalism and also emotes success like no other color. Most websites who earn their bread butter along with the very delicious marmalade opt for this color to send out the right vibe of positivity among clients.
  • Green – What is the first thought that comes to your mind when people shout aloud “go green”? No brownie points for guessing that it conveys anything and everything related to the environment. Talk about going the natural way, preserving the environment or even maintaining the greenary around us with the help of a website, you know which color to opt for.
  • Pink – Pink is that color that is synonymous with tiny toddlers who love to play with their Barbies. So sticking to its basic significance, pink is your go-to color when designing an online shopping website for pretty girls or cute babies. Nothing can get more girly than the color pink itself. So choose the right shade of pink to grab the attention of doting mothers and teens.
  • Black – Think power, think black. This statement probably summarizes the power of black and the intensity this color can bring to your website. This color talks business better than any of the other colors available in the palette. Entrepreneurs and all corporate biggies choose this color that adds to their aura and charisma.

Colors help you to create the right buzz about your website, and the best part is the buzz that it creates is for all the right reasons. So understand your color because that will help clients to understand you.

Written By

Sudeep Banerjee is the Founder & President of B3NET Inc. a company of orange county web design & the leading Web Development firm from Orange County, California. He is an expert in Web & Mobile Development, Orange County SEO & Internet Marketing with 26 years of experience. Sudeep also loves to play golf & basketball.



  1. Faye

    September 18, 2014 at 12:31 pm

    Psychology is one of the most important aspects in marketing that we all tend to overlook. From content to colour, it’s the small details that can persuade you to either purchase or click away. Colour may not seem that important at a first glance, but it really is. Don’t take colours for granted as they affect the decision making process of anyone visiting your site.

    • Sudeep Banerjee

      November 19, 2014 at 10:26 am

      Hi Faye, thanks for stopping by and yes your point of view is very true.

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