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Ukraine Could be your Next IT Outsourcing Hot Spot

Across the world, IT outsourcing is growing by leaps and bounds. Looking for experts to join the in house team tends to be time-consuming and costly, which is why cost optimization is the rationale behind a decision to outsource some (or all) of IT needs.

Today, outsourced teams can be in charge of a whole variety of tasks: from tech support to optimizing business processes in a company. IT outsourcing, in particular, claims the top place on this list.

When trying to establish productive collaboration with engineers, businesses might find it a bit frustrating to pick the very best ones – although this is not the case provided you know where to look.

Why Ukraine: stats and facts

One of the most promising IT destinations, Ukraine offers a tremendous variety of IT talent. Conveniently located in the heart of Europe, it is also amongst the biggest IT outsourcing countries globally. The 2018 Global Outsourcing 100 featured as much as 18 Ukrainian IT companies. Over the past few decades, the country’s IT industry has been booming, to say the least.

Within Ukraine itself, a lion’s share of developers delivering IT outsourcing services is located in its major cities: Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odesa and Dnipro. Over 80% of outsourced developers in Ukraine serve foreign markets, particularly Europe, North America and Australia. Most often, they specialize in web development, followed by design and mobile app development. As for the programming languages, Java, C# and PHP lead the way.

The general trend in Ukrainian IT sector is a continuous upgrade of skills and techniques. Developers undertake complex IT projects matching them with their growing skill level. Today, Ukrainian software developers design solutions for global brands and hundreds of businesses listed in Global Fortune 500. Such products range from software for unmanned cars, high tech solutions for healthcare and e-commerce platforms to the fashion industry and VR tech for Hollywood. Oftentimes, these are turnkey software solutions.

All in all, this means Ukraine is a highly desirable destination to outsource IT needs, however complex, and do so at a business-friendly price.

Ukrainian IT clusters

Since IT is the top revenue-generating industry in the country – and the fastest-growing one, too – a lot of effort is being put to further boost its advancement. In fact, Ukrainian IT businesses, often backed by the government, invest heavily in IT clusters in the country’s strategic locations. Not only this gets more eyes on the industry at large, but it also helps to uncover the best talent that will grow to become a valuable addition to Ukrainian IT companies.

Clusters are tasked with an important job of carrying out sweeping changes in the IT environment of their respective locations. Some of the real-life examples include advancing IT education across high schools and colleges in Ukraine and promoting the idea of pursuing a career in programming.

Benefits of entrusting IT needs to Ukrainian engineers

Connect with the world-class talent

When signing up with a software development company in Ukraine, you get to benefit from some of the most talented IT professionals in the world. Leading brands have already tapped into this pool of talent which is estimated at 90,000 experts nationwide. Moreover, their number is expected to grow to 200,000 by 2020.

Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, Cisco, Boeing and Oracle have launched their R&D centres in the country. According to statistics, 19% of IT staff in Ukraine have been working in the industry for 7+ years.

Business-friendly pricing

While offering the first-class IT expertise, Ukrainian developers charge less than their US and Western Europe counterparts. With the IT market at large being so competitive, it’s going to be easy to find top talent in Ukraine to power your unique business needs without breaking your budget.

Great education and culture

Developers in Ukraine benefit from the country’s leading technical universities. They can be characterized as problem solvers, used to cracking complex tech tasks and finding an optimal solution. They are also able to go the extra mile to conduct their research and design a genuinely tailored solution for their clients.

As well as that, Ukrainian staff is culturally close with their clients from the US and the rest of Europe, sharing the same work values. Teamwork and commitment to providing exceptional support for clients’ needs is something IT companies in Ukraine are keen to foster.

Rich and versatile experience

Since most software developers in Ukraine are targeting foreign markets, they have impressive experience of building highly customized solutions for a variety of markets and countries. Their combined body of expertise means granular support for your business needs regardless of your background, which is something not all IT outsourcing companies can offer.

Good communication

In terms of Internet connection, Ukraine offers solid infrastructure while also having great quality and connectivity. In terms of language, a majority of Ukrainian developers speak English which guarantees that both remote IT staff and clients are always on the same page.

One of the fastest growing IT industries globally

Whatever your particular needs are, there is a good chance you are going to solve them in Ukraine. Its export of IT services totalled some $3.7 billion in 2017, outgrowing its 2016 indicator by 33%.

All in all, there are many perks to outsourcing the IT needs and choosing Ukraine as a go-to destination to do so.

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1 Comment

  1. Michael

    December 3, 2019 at 10:13 am

    I’m from Ukraine and I’m proud to see that my country considered one of the best places to outsource software development. Among with N-IX there are many software companies like Genesys, Global Logic, Skywell Software, NetGuru and others, that are known and trusted by customers from all over the world

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