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Two Simple Solutions For Remote Business Management

While many businesses are looking to shift completely to the cloud, Linda Musthaler writes on Network World that many companies have a lot invested in other types of IT and can’t get into the cloud right away. Instead, she said using common applications, such as email, document management and collaboration, people can have remote management that would “free” a business’ IT department from tasks that take too much time.


“In essence, the only thing that moves ‘to the cloud’ is the resource that monitors and manages commodity business applications like email, document management, collaboration and unified communications,” Musthaler said. “By outsourcing the routine operational tasks, you can free up your IT staff to perform more strategic work while reducing operational costs.”

Outsourcing business can help companies run more smoothly after already gaining advantages from using document solutions and other efficiency tools. Staff members can be freed up from doing common tasks that aren’t necessarily needed to be performed in house, allowing them to focus more of their energy and time on projects that have help the organization.

This would help a business grow and have more freedom with what employees do. For businesses looking for opportunities to add flexibility, outsourcing could be a good way to make things run a bit more efficiently, she added.

Document Management

One company that gave remote business management a chance was Florida Data Bank, which said it was looking for a solution that could help manage records. The document management solution it implemented was able to address a number of operations and tasks that employees previously had to handle.

The company has a simplified management system, which has an automated process. This helps the data bank manage reports and hold onto documents without taking up space and increasing security concerns. It also enabled the company to safely get rid of documents that were no longer legally needed. The program also met the company’s goal of getting rid of information loss and security risks by having an information retention program. The process of automation has reduced IT operation time and expenses, the company said.

So far, the data bank said it has been encouraged by how the remote document management solution has worked.

What simple steps can your business take to move towards remote management?

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Marketing Manager for iDatix with a passion for improving business through the use of technology.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Santanu

    December 22, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    Outsourcing is a already hit and the best way to manage a big size business.

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