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Top Tips for Making your Business More Sustainable  

Climate change – one of the most talked-about topics at the moment has enabled a transition for many businesses, as they start to embrace more eco-friendly practices. This not only has a good impact on the environment but also improves a company’s reputation, which enhances their business prospects. If you have yet to embrace a sustainable working environment, you should take a look at these tips, which will help you contribute to the eco-movement and enhance your business as a whole.

Go paperless

Since the digital age began, more companies have got rid of their filing cabinets and replaced them with online databases. However, this is not the case with all businesses, as many are stuck in their ways and still insist on printing excessive amounts of paper, which causes a massive issue for the environment.

Instead of wasting time and money on paper, you should take inspiration from eco-friendly companies like RW Invest, who avoid paper waste by using online DocuSign’s when exchanging contracts with their investors for their eco-conscious properties. This is not only great for the planet but also helps to save on paper, as well as spending less time printing out contracts, posting them and waiting for responses as a DocuSign can be processed immediately.

Encourage recycling practices

The problem many companies face is that they themselves may have eco-friendly values and utilise them in their day to day practice, however, if their staff are not well-informed on the matter this can set them back. To resolve this, you should consider implementing training schemes to educate employees about the different types of recycling, as well as ways they can reduce waste, including water, paper and energy.

Another great way to reduce your workplace’s carbon footprint is to get your staff to think of ideas and be creative. One approach many companies take is to upcycle furniture, so instead of throwing away worn chairs or desks, you could update them by repainting or recovering them. This is not only great for the environment but will also allow you to cut costs on purchasing new office furniture in the future.

Remote working 

The traditional workplace is an environment where everybody is visibly sat at their desk, as they start and end their shift at the same time. While many companies stick to this conventional regime, others have embraced a more flexible remote approach which has a significant effect on the environment.

Allowing your staff to work from home will significantly reduce their carbon footprint, as they will not have to use their car or public transport to commute. It has also been proven that working remotely can actually have a positive effect on workers, as it allows them some time for themselves away from the chaotic office environment they are used to on a daily basis.

It also boosts production levels, especially if your staff have their own designated home office where they can get a lot more done without the distraction from their colleagues. If you have a small business, you may even consider going fully remote, which means you can cut your carbon footprint and costs massively, as you will not have to pay for office space, energy bills or any other costs associated with running a physical business.

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