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Top Places to Find Money Saving Vouchers

If you are an experienced voucher collector this may not interest you much but if you are a newbie in this voucher world, this is really going to matter you. Most of the newcomers in this voucher world are not sure where to find coupons and at times it happens with the long-time couponers too. Those places where you can find vouchers are as follows:


It is now very easy to find vouchers online. It is true that for many people vouchershops have been a boon but there are many places too where you can easily find discount vouchers. There are places where you can find manufacturer coupons while there are places where you can find retail coupons. So for sure you will find amazing deals from somewhere.


Many may consider it as the old-school way, but it is true that newspapers remain as the best source to find vouchers. Apart from traditional vouchers, newspapers sometimes circulate their own additional coupons too. Some help you get a discount while others come with freebies.

Mobile apps

Mobile app vouchers have been a big hit in past some time. Many stores have even created their own app so as to help users find vouchers instantly. Some even come with cash-back offer when you make in-store purchase.

Social media

Now the world of social media has also taken up the job of providing vouchers to the users. Many budding stores have made use of the voucher offer on Facebook to attract customers. Twitter and Snapchat have also become the medium to give away offers.

Postal mail

Even though emails have taken the place of the postal mails in people’s life, still there are many stores that continue to send vouchers through the post. So if you are the old-fashioned way, better look for such vouchers.

Grocery store receipt

Many of the grocery stores offer some deals on the grocery receipts. So, once you get it look for the deals on it. Most of them come with a short expiry period so better check for the terms before you go for them.

Brochures and guides

If you go through the brochures and guides especially for tourism, you are sure to find some amazing discount offers. It can be something related to the local attractions or for restaurants or car rentals. Whatever it may be, it gives you the chance to save money.

There are many more places to find vouchers. But as a beginner, start looking for vouchers here and get better with time. Once you are comfortable finding deals you can expand your horizon.

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Altea Kai is a Blogger and Content Manager who also writes for VoucherShops. She loves to write on lifestyle and how you can save on your daily shopping needs.

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