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Things to Take Care of While Guest Posting..!

Guest posts are an integral part of blogging strategies

Guest posts are one of the most efficient techniques to grow your blogs and get quality backlinks for your blogs as well. You must know that efficient guest posting grows careers.
If guest posting is done right, it may get you a high Google ranking, more email subscribers and great start for your start-up.  Many times, a search engine may start penalizing your content if it is duplicated content or is spam. It is not that you must stop guest posts on your blog but you must be more careful in evaluating the guest posts. In this article, we are going to talk about various things a beginner needs to take care of while doing Guest Posting.
Have a look at the following tactics which you must follow to have a great kick to your career:

Watch outgoing links

This is one of the most important parts about evaluating and selecting guest posts. Some blogs are known for removing all links while other keep almost every link that authors add. So, what should be done with the links that are present within guest posts?

We believe you must keep those links that are benefiting your readers. The moment those links don’t benefit your readers or are out of context, you must remove them.

You must follow the two-point strategy given below to manage links:

a) Posts related to bio must contain 1 to 2 links at maximum.
b) A blog post must contain at least 4 links – Instead of regurgitating the same old information and for avoiding the duplicate content, link out to the sites that have already covered it.

Authors must have a track record of writing great content

Track records determine the credibility of the work of the author. It is seen that most of the authors don’t have a track record of writing quality content. Some guest authors are mere beginners and don’t have a track of writing quality articles.

So, you must look for the following points when an author offers you a guest post:

a) Spam – Make sure to Google the author name to make sure they aren’t pushing out spam content over the Internet.
b) Links – Make sure that they aren’t linking out within the content to some spam websites.
c) Depth – Have a look on their past content credibility and length of articles. Look for authors who write content for at least 1,000 words.

Each guest post should be part of an anchor text strategy

Anchor text is the text which is used when you link to a post and your strategy of anchor text is hugely important for determining search engine rankings.

The anchor text of the backlinks present in the Guest post plays a big role in what exact keywords the site rank for. Before posting a guest content, you must perform some keyword research to determine which specific keywords you want to rank for.

You must gain knowledge about how much traffic specific keywords bring and how competitive they are in the market.
In future, when the post is live you can modify the anchor text based on the demand and competitiveness. In this way, you can optimize the content of your blog for guest posts.

The content must be detailed and unique

Make sure that the content of the guest post must be at least of 1000 words. The post should be neat having details and step-wise information.

You must not accept any post on a topic that has been beaten to death over the Internet. If many websites have already posted about the same topic then you must surely avoid it.

The content of the article must be detailed and unique. Most of the times the guest authors submit content which revolves around the same old topic. We recommend you to make use of software services which will check plagiarism content in the article.

Guest posts should be aimed mostly at beginners

It might seem strange but most of the readers of the blog who subscribe to the newsletter of your website are newbies. They are the only one who eventually ends up buying your products. The new people come up surfing the Internet over to your website. Most of the time people just Google about a question that they want to gain knowledge about, they may end up through a referral link on Facebook or Twitter.

We believe that the guest posts that focus on topics that are well digested by beginners are the most successful one. You must try to post an article which has an instructional tone and are full or resources for the beginners. So you must never forget that the posts should widely be in context with what the beginners are searching for over the Internet. Try to provide them quality and validated information through your articles.

You need to fully own the content

It doesn’t matter who is the original author of the content, but it is important that you must own it.

The reason behind it is that, if you don’t own it, other people will start publishing the same piece of article on their own website or submit it to some other websites also.

You must not make any changes to content that is guest posted on your website but you must own the rights to the articles.

It will help you in maintaining the uniqueness and credibility of the content as it decreases the likelihood that the contributor will spin it for some other website as well.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t work right away

Guest Posting is really a hard gig and you must never forget that sometimes Good things end up taking the time to show results. If the guest posts don’t work the right way for your website then there is nothing to worry about. Remember, worry never solves problems. Keep the calm and peace of your mind.

You can at any time give a fresh start. We believe that if you will take of the things mentioned above while doing guest posting then you will do great.

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Business Coach-Tim McCallan is a sought after as a National Speaker and Trainer.rnrnHis story has tragedy and triumph, as he has overcome challenges while maintaining a strong perspective dedicated to a positive attitude. His love of life is contagious, while showing others how they can overcome difficulties in business and their personal lives.

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